KimChi Chic Beauty

KimChi Chic Beauty

KimChi Chic Beauty was born out of a love of art and a unique journey of self-discovery that has led to helping thousands of users look and feel their very best, using their faces as a canvas for proud and pigmented masterpieces.

KimChi Chic Beauty stock a wide variety of makeup products that you can use to elevate your look from essential face products such as concealers, foundations, primers and setting sprays to colourful palettes, bronzers, highlighters, cream shadows, glitters, lippies and lip plumpers. They also have a cute and fun selection of accessories that are sure to give you the full KimChi Chic Beauty experience including a range of headbands, makeup cloths, beauty sponges, beauty bags, sharpeners and mirrors.

If anyone sees you pulling an adorable KimChi Chic Teddy Bear Beauty Sharpener out of your equally adorable KimChi Chic Beauty Bag, all eyes are bound to be on you and everyone will be desperate to know how you got your hands on these totally adorable fashion statement items.

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Best Sellers

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Founded by Drag Queen and Insta Star KimChi, this brand is all about providing fantastic makeup for everyone! Whether you are after neutrals or colourful glitters, begin your Makeup journey with KimChi. 

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How did KimChi Chic Beauty start


On one magical Halloween night at the age of 25, KimChi Chic dolled herself up with drugstore makeup and dressed in drag for the very first time. She booked her first show on that same magical night and discovered her passion for drag – something that allowed her to explore her love and knowledge of art, painting, fashion and photography all at once.

This journey of self-discovery that some may call destiny inspired the development of KimChi Chic Beauty. This vibrant and exciting brand gives its users the opportunity to express their own artistry with both neutral, subtle products and pigmented, glittery products in every colour of the rainbow. The best part about these fun products is that they are also affordable and Cruelty-Free.