Lip Colour

Lip Colour

It’s no secret that a simple swipe of lip colour can seriously transform a look and make an undeniable statement. If you are after a lip look that knows no bounds, add a layer of lip colour and rock a vivid, bold colour that is sure to catch everyone’s eye.

At Cosmetic Capital, you can shop from a large selection of lip colours in a variety of timeless and fashionable shades with everything from beige brown and classic red to vibrant pinks and metallic blues.

Discover luscious lip colour from beloved brands including L’Oreal, Revlon, Barry M, KimChi Chic Beauty and NYX and shop from the comfort of your own home by shopping online at Cosmetic Capital. Make your shopping experience even easier and more convenient with Regular and Express shipping options and buy now and pay later payment methods Afterpay and zipPay.

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Where to buy cheap lip colour

You can buy cheap lip colour, lipstick, lip gloss and other lip products online at Cosmetic Capital. Shop lip colour from brands such as Barry M, L’Oreal, Revlon and KimChi Chic Beauty easily and conveniently from the comfort of your own home. Make the most out of your shopping experience with our Regular and Express shipping options and buy now and pay later payment methods Afterpay and zipPay.


Should I buy a lip liner with my lip colour?

Although not necessary, it is always a good idea to wear lip liner with lip colour or lipstick as it can help provide a more precise application, extend wear-time and prevent bleeding or feathering.


Is lip colour the same as lipstick?

Lip colour and lipstick are almost identical in that they both apply rich, vivid colour to the lips. The main differences lie in their format and performance. While not always the case, lip colour usually comes in a liquid format and lipstick is more solid. Lipstick is also typically formulated with more waxes and oils than lip colour which makes them more moisturising. This does mean however that lip colour is generally the better option if you are mainly after bold pigmentation.