Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 21 March 2017 

Is it considered vanity if you want your skin looking stunningly on point at all times? Not at all, according to Vanity Planet! Discover a range of innovative skincare systems to keep your gorgeous complexion in check.


Rotational cleansing took the world by storm with the invention of electric toothbrushes. If such a system can leave your teeth feeling squeaky clean and better than ever, who’s to say the same system can’t be also applied to our skin?

Vanity Planet have developed a range of multi-purpose products that utilise this rotary, sonic cleansing system. Their Spin for Perfect Skin exfoliators have been raved about across social media, and have even been featured on The Ellen Show.

Vanity Planet cover all of your skin care needs from head to toe ... seriously, they have foot care products!

We’ve got you covered from your face to your feet. Here’s our recommendations.



Facial Cleansing: Vanity Planet Pure Spin


The Pure Spin brush is dual-speed, accommodating sensitive and normal skin types. The 360-degree rotary action paired with the specially designed gentle reach brush ensures a deep, thorough cleanse, rejuvenating the skin from deep within the pores. It reduces the appearance of blemishes and combats those nasty blackheads.

The lengthy bristles unclog even the most stubborn pores, even in the hard to reach areas. The brush is gentle enough to not damage your skin but still effective enough to extensively exfoliate and make your skin look and feel brand new.

This brush is also excellent for priming and prepping the skin for maximum absorption of hydrating moisturisers.



Facial and Body Rejuvenation: Vanity Planet Revive Professional Ice Roller Face and Body Massager


Cold therapy has been implemented in spas and promoted by beauticians and professional makeup artists for years on end. It brightens the complexion, corrects irritated skin and improves the physical appearance of fatigue.

The Professional Ice Roller Face and Body Massager takes the cold therapy method and cleverly builds it into your daily skin care routine. It’s an innovative technology that revitalises, tones and tightens skin, neutralising oil levels, improving blood circulation, reducing fine lines, redness, breakouts, dark under eye circles and puffiness.

It can also be used for body exfoliation and is brilliant for aiding muscle fatigue and soreness, soothing acne breakouts and calming any irritation caused by shaving and waxing.



Foot Care: Vanity Planet Smoothing & Refining Callus Remover


Sandal and high heel wearers in particular should be familiar with the annoyance and unsightliness of calluses first hand, am I right?

This device painlessly removes thick, hardened, callused skin and any other rough patches on the feet. It makes use of Quartz filing material which, unlike metal blades and harsh pumice stones, is pleasantly gentle on the skin while still being incredibly effective.

This unique rolling device comes equipped with two attachment heads: a Coarse Callus Remover to battle the brutal calluses head on, and the Refiner Head to smooth the skin afterwards.

This device, like all of Vanity Planet’s products, can be used by both men and women and is super user friendly. 



Check out our full range of Vanity Planet products here.

Go on, we’re allowed to be a little vain sometimes.


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