The facial brush that has got everybody talking (and glowing!)

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 28 February 2018 

Everyone, their mother and their mother’s cat went crazy for Vanity Planet’s Ultimate Skin Spa System facial brush when it came out.

At the time, facial brush systems were all the rage and this affordable brush was being advertised as a cheaper Clarisonic alternative. The media immediately jumped on the bandwagon and sung their praises for the wonder brush until everybody knew about it.

Then, just as our excitement started to settle, Vanity Planet decided to come out with another revolutionary facial brush that’s got the butterflies in our stomach running rampant!



The Vanity Planet GlowSpin Facial Brush is Vanity Planet’s newest skin-perfecting gadget. Like the Spin for Perfect Skin facial brush and Ultimate Skin Spa System, the GlowSpin uses a rotary action to clean the skin, clearing away any impurities and clogged pores. It rids the skin of dirt, makeup, swear, dead skin cells, bacteria and excessive oils that are known to cause breakouts.

The GlowSpin comes with three different attachable brush heads – a Daily Cleansing brush head, Exfoliating brush head and Silicone brush head - and 2 cleaning speeds for whichever degree of cleansing you require. The low-speed setting is perfect for a gentle, everyday cleanse, whilst the high-speed setting is best for a deep exfoliation.

The GlowSpin is water-resistant, AA-battery operated and comes in a matching compartmentalized travel case for easy storage on-the-move.



Here’s how to best use your Vanity Planet GlowSpin Facial Brush!


1. First, remove any surface makeup with a makeup remover or wipe before cleansing. This will preserve the life of your brush heads.

2. Select your brush head – Daily Cleansing, Deep Exfoliation or Silicone.

3. Wet your face and brush head with warm water.

4. Apply a dollop of your cleanser of choice to the brush head.

5. Choose your speed (Low or High) and turn on your GlowSpin brush.

6. Gently move the brush along the face in circular motions.

7. Once finished, rinse well and turn off your GlowSpin brush.

8. Rinse the brush head with water and allow to dry in open air.



The GlowSpin Facial Brush from Vanity Planet is available for $69.95.

Get glowing skin and get your GlowSpin brush now!


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