Meet our new obsession, L.A. Colors Iced Pigment Powders

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 25 March 2018 

We’re so happy to see that you guys have been loving L.A. Colors just as much as we have!

If you haven't already heard about L.A. Colors debut at Cosmetic Capital, check out our last blog post about them!

If you’re an avid reader of our Cosmetic Corner, you would know that we briefly spoke about the L.A. Colors Iced Pigment Powders and mentioned that they were one of the top products from the range that we were super excited about.

Well we love these little guys so much that we wanted to take a little extra time to truly give you guys the low down on these tubs of glittering glory.



The L.A. Colors Iced Pigment Powders are richly pigmented, leaving behind gorgeous, high-impact colour and a show-stealing, spotlight-grabbing frosted metallic finish. Unlike some frosty powders, these loose powders are super easy to work with and are excellently buildable.

They already look incredible on their own, but the Iced Pigment Powders can be used base underneath glitters to help them adhere better and make them sparkle even more, or as a base underneath other eyeshadows to change them up and allow a hint of shimmer to shine through.

If you’re used to traditional eyeshadow palettes or pressed powders, a loose pigment powder may seem a little foreign to you and I can totally understand that.

When you use a loose pigment powder for the first time, your mind is filled with worries about fall-out and just making a mess in general.

And the packaging can be a little daunting too. “Is this an eyeshadow or a salt shaker?” All very common thoughts.

But loose powder pigments are totally worth it in the end. They’re perfect for packing colour on the lid and they’re more buildable than traditional eyeshadows.

To use them, all you have to do is unscrew it and carefully tap some of the powder into the lid, then take your brush or a clean finger to apply it to the eyelid. It’s really that simple.

Now that I’ve explained how to use loose powder pigments, I can understand that I may have caused a new makeup obsession in your life.

Guilty as charged, but sorry not sorry, ‘cause we love ‘em too!



The L.A. Colors Iced Pigment Powders come in a selection of gorgeous colours and are now available for an exceptionally low price of $4.95!

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By: Dawn Andrews on 12 January 2021
I cant see the L.A colors iced pigment powders anywhere on your website?

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