What we’re loving from L.A. Colors!

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 26 March 2018 

If you haven’t already heard the exciting news, we have proudly welcomed L.A. Colors to the Cosmetic Capital family!

What we need is reliable makeup that works, but what we want is makeup that keeps up with the season’s hottest colours and all the top trends the beauty community are gushing over.

Designed in the U.S.A and completely in tune with all the latest trends and fashions, L.A. Colors know exactly what we need and mashes that up with exactly what we want.

L.A. Colors is one makeup brand that seriously covers all the criteria you could ever have for purchasing a makeup product.

Will I like the product? Duh!

Is it on-trend? Absolutely. Those colours, though!

Is it easy to use? Super simple! And if you need extra help, some of the palettes even have visual guides on the back!

Is it affordable? Incredibly affordable. Their eyeliner pencils are available for $2.95. That’s cheaper than a Big Mac!

There’s way too many products in L.A. Colors' extraordinary range to talk about in one little blog post, but here are some of the top products that we’re super excited about!



Browie Wowie Brow Pencils


Okay, so besides the fact that the name of these brow pencils is utterly adorable, these pencils have been perfectly designed and crafted for creating some serious brow-on-fleekness.

First and foremost, these brow pencils are dual-ended so instead of having to go between your brow pencil and your spoolie to fill in and comb out your brows, all you have to do is rotate your pencil. One less item you need to pack in your forever-growing makeup bag!

By far, my favourite thing about these pencils is the slanted tip. There have been so many occasions where my brows have looked way too harsh and unprecise because of the typical pencil tip. Slant-tipped brow pencils are few and far between so when you find them, you hold them near and dear. 



Iced Pigment Powders


Not only are these loose pigment powders exceptionally pigmented, delightfully buildable and super easy to work with, but they have this absolutely stunning, frosted, metallic finish that is simply mesmerising and truly makes these powders stand out as something special.

These powders can be used alone, underneath glitters to make them pop even more or underneath other shadows to allow a slither of shimmer to shine through.



Truly Matte Foundations


When searching for the right foundation, we’re typically looking for high coverage, a shine-free finish, a soft-to-touch texture and a formula that will last us the night.


The Truly Matte Foundations apply as a lightweight liquid and blend into a soft, velvet-matte finish that’s exquisitely smooth.

Their high pigment and long wearing formula ensures full coverage results for hours on end.



But alas, there’s too many products to gush about, yet so little time. We haven’t even begun to talk about their eyeshadow palettes – don’t get me started on those otherwise we'll be here for days!  

You’ll just have to see for yourself. 


To have a look at everything L.A. Colors has to offer, click here!

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