How to apply magnetic lashes

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 9 June 2020 

Need some help with your magnetic lashes? We've put together this handy guide to the newest trend in the lash game!


As much as we all love a full, luscious lash look, we all know how hard it is to apply false eyelashes.

Magnetic lashes are a creative new invention that take the mess and hassle out of false lash application. They are convenient, reusable and easy to adapt to.


How do they work?


In a traditional pack of fake eyelashes, you are given two single strip lashes that require lash glue to adhere to the lash line.

Magnetic lashes come with four strips of lashes – two left eyelashes and two right eyelashes. The lash bands are thin, lightweight and hold tiny magnets that snap together and fit snug against your own lashes.



Magnetic Lashes v Traditional Lashes


There are two main differences between traditional lashes and magnetic lashes.

Firstly, magnetic lashes don’t require any lash glue. Lash glue is not only messy, but it can also disrupt your eye makeup depending on how it dries. Not to mention how annoying it is when you make a mistake. There’s no coming back!

Secondly, traditional lashes rest on top of your own eyelashes, whereas magnetic lashes snap your eyelashes together. This means your false lashes will sit right along the lash line and blend with your own lashes very well. 


How to apply magnetic lashes


Whilst magnetic lashes are extremely simple to apply, they are a little fiddly and do take some practise to master. Don’t feel bad if you struggle the first time! There’s definitely an art to it.

Within Ardell’s Magnetic Lash packs you will find two top lashes and two bottom lashes (a pair for each eye).

When you remove each lash strip from the plastic mould, gently bend and curve the lash band to help them adhere to your natural eye shape better. Just be careful not to disrupt the fitted magnets that will be keeping your lash look in place.

First, coat your natural lashes with black mascara to help them blend with your magnetic falsies.

Using a false lash applicator, tweezers or your fingers, grab one lash and rest it above your own lashes.

Then take the other lash and rest it underneath your lashes, allowing the magnets to meet up with each other and securely lock in place.

Magnetic lashes can be easily removed without the pulling and tugging of traditional fake lashes. Simply slide the lashes apart to release the magnetic grip. It is important that you don’t just pull the lashes off as the magnets are quite strong and in doing so, you may damage your natural lashes.

Ardell currently offers a selection of different magnetic lash styles from full strip to accents. Magnetic accent lashes are most definitely the easiest lash style to apply and are therefore recommended for beginners.



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