Essie have been nailing it for years. They’ve never moved at a snails pace, always flowing about with the hottest and most vibrant of colours. No wonder every experience with Essie is coated with joy and a sheen you can’t quite put your finger on.

Essie came to adorn our nails because one savvy, sensational and superb woman of gumption got on a plane with 10 cartons of nail polish, each weighing 30 kilograms. That certainly wouldn’t have flown with the security agents of today but Essie Weingarten got to Las Vegas and poured out the goodness.

Tapping into the showbiz culture, Essie presented her innovative colours and formula to the gals who demanded the best. Within 10 days, every single madam who had seen what Essie had to offer had placed an order.

During Essie’s childhood in Queens, you were stuck with red, pink and a beige if things got interesting. Not so any more dearly beloved. Now the colour spectrum is holding talks on how Essie has taken over; with every shade under the sun, looking at Essie polish is like looking afresh at the world of colour – dear sweet colour, is that you?

Oh and the Queen of England has ordered from Essie, so … as Lorde would say, we’ll never be royals but we sure gon’ live that fantasy. Mmmmmm yuh.

Once our eyes were blind but now Essie. You should really go with the flow and brush up against Essie, you’ll really lacquer. 

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