Vaseline has been making accessible, everyday skincare products for over 140 years. Vaseline’s multi-beneficial products have led the way in the market for decades, keeping both youthful and mature skin types in their best shape and condition. Since being founded in 1870 by Robert Chesebrough, the Vaseline brand has garnered years of experience and expertise in what the skin truly needs to thrive. They have created a plethora of accessible skincare solutions for daily use that are available all around the world from restorative lip balms to nourishing body lotions and moisturising hand creams.

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What is the difference between Vaseline and Petroleum Jelly?

Petroleum Jelly is a combination of natural waxes and mineral oils that is derived from Petroleum. The petroleum jelly in Vaseline is triple purified in order to filter out any impurities, making it very gentle and soothing for sensitive skin types. 


What is Vaseline best used for?

Vaseline is excellent for rectifying dry skin related issues such as cracked heels and dry elbows as it forms a barrier on the skin that stops moisture from escaping. Vaseline is also useful for minor burns, skin scrapes and baby skin care including nappy rash prevention.


Where to buy Vaseline online?

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