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Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 13 October 2021 

Baking is one of the hottest trends in makeup. Here's how you can glam up your look with baking!


If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram beauty accounts, you’ve probably heard of the term ‘baking’. If not, you might have witnessed many a beauty guru packing unsightly amounts of powder onto their face and you probably wondered what on Earth they were doing.

When we speak about ‘baking’, we’re not talking about delicious baked goods. Although I’m sure you’re craving some muffins right about now. Sorry.


Before baking and after ... wow! Photo: vanitymakeup


What is baking?


‘Baking’ is a makeup technique that is used by makeup artists to achieve maximum coverage, help your makeup last longer, sharpen contours and brighten certain areas of the face. When used in conjunction with contouring products, you can achieve that Kim Kardashian snatched look.

The theory is that packing a heavy coating of powder on-top of your liquid products will allow product to ‘melt’ (or ‘cook’) on top of the skin for a picture-perfect flawless finish.


Baking done right! Photo: Arsova


Where did baking come from?


This beauty technique has actually existed for quite some time now, but it gained attention in pop culture around 2017 with drag queens using the technique for their all-out glam transformations.  

Now we know why our favourite celebrities look so stunning and flawless at every Red-Carpet event. The secret is out!


How do I bake?


Once you have applied and blended out all your desired liquid or cream face makeup products, take a damp beauty blender and dip it into a fine translucent powder.

Then, pack the powder on-top of these products, concentrating on the T-zone, underneath the eyes and below your contour. Allow it to ‘cook’ on the skin for 5-10 minutes before dusting away any excess powder with a powder brush.

While you’re waiting, it’s good to start working on your eyeshadow as any fallout will be swept away when you clear away your baking powder.

It’s also a good idea to use setting spray after you bake to avoid an overly powdery look.


The baking technique in action! Photo: Tonie Christie


When should I bake?


Although there are really no rules when it comes to makeup, baking is a technique that is best suited for full glam makeup looks. That’s what it was originally intended for anyway.

The finish you achieve from baking may not flatter most natural, everyday looks and if you’re not removing your makeup properly, it can be quite bad for your pores, so best to leave it for special occasions!


The baking effect definitely works! Photo: jadeywadey180


Who shouldn’t bake?


If you have oily skin, you love a full coverage makeup look or you struggle to keep your makeup lasting all day, you should try the baking technique. It will change your makeup game!

If you prefer a more natural look, hate looking cakey and made up, or detest the feeling of heavy makeup, baking might not be for you. At least not on a regular basis.

But if your cousin’s wedding is approaching and you want to look flawless in the photo album, you know which trick to try!


Good luck!

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By: Andrea on 22 October 2020
I've only ever just used a liquid foundation for my make up. I've just purchased a concealer which i haven't used yet as I'm not sure when/how to apply it However I looooove the contouring look and would love to be able to give that a try , do you have any easy basic tips for a beginner to follow? Thank you in advance. Cheers, Andrea

Hi Andrea! So glad to hear you're going to give contouring a go! It's a game-changer for your look. Here's a blog with some basic tips on how to become the contouring queen! Regards, Cassie, Customer Service.

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