LA Girls' famous foundation

Author: Jasmine Cottan   Date Posted: 28 June 2018 

No greasy, softened suede texture, all-day matte finish, long-lasting definition and controls sebum production? Yes please with a cherry on top! Learn why you need LA Girl's HD Pro Matte Foundation in your life!



Makeup lovers are ‘obsessed’. Beauty gurus happily rate it a 10/10 and award it 5 stars. LA Girl’s Pro Matte Foundation is probably one of the most talked and reviewed internet sensations to date.

But out of all the foundations LA Girl has created, what makes the Pro Matte Foundation so special? Why place it so high on the pedestal?

Before we step into the deep abyss of makeup, let’s take a brief history lesson.

Since 1985, LA Girl has cemented itself as a leading brand for delivering high-quality and accessible makeup for hard core beauty gurus and makeup beginners alike.

A brand that is celebrated for their colour ranges, multi-purpose products, their love for full-coverage and consideration for skin types and tones, there’s little to no wonder that this particular foundation would be on everyone’s lips.

Plus, with the demand for less shine and mattifying products on the rise, this foundation was always bound to end up in the spotlight!



Why are the LA Girl Pro Matte Concealers so popular?

- Delivers a suede like matte finish (it does what it’s designed to do)

- A great product for all skin types. There’s a colour for everyone

- Mattifies oily skin and controls sebum production

- Long lasting high-definition formula

- Provides buildable to full coverage (allows you to be versatile in your looks, including casual day looks to flawlessly smooth finishes)

- Paraben free

- Non-greasy, lightweight creamy liquid formula

- Reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores

- Enriched with protective and nourishing vitamin E, B5 and sunflower oil

- No tacky residue once applied

- No additional setting powder on top (just a few sprays from your favourite setting spray)

- Colours are blendable (can be mixed with your favourite concealer or liquid highlighter)

- Versatile application (apply using finger pads, blending sponge or foundation brush)


What’s everyone saying about it?

Wendy Le adores this foundation, calling it her favourite! Here she is with Light Tan.


Photo: missswendyle


Sidney Le Beauty loves the foundation in Medium Beige.


Photo: sidneyle


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