How to do nail art designs for beginners at home


How to do nail art designs for beginners at home

Growing tired of the same old manicure? Looking for something with a bit more pizazz but don’t want to spend a fortune at the salon?

There are a number of ways you can elevate your nail look from the comfort of your own home by using items such as nail art tools, kits and stencils or applying fun nail decals, powders or press-on nails.

Trim, file and buff your nails and let’s get designing! 

Nail art

How to do nail art designs for beginners at home

If you want to start experimenting with freehand nail art designs, you’ll need some basic nail art tools. Sally Hansen Salon Pro Nail Tool Kit 3pc ($8.95) is a fantastic place to start as it comes with a detailer brush, striping brush, marbling + dotting tool and even some stencils that you use.

The best way to learn how to create designs and to find inspiration is to search for images and video tutorials online. As a beginner, it’s good to start with simple designs like stripes, polka dots and flowers.

Keep a steady hand, take your time and remember, practise makes perfect!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or you’re just short on time, there are plenty of other ways you can jazz up the typical manicure without using an array of nail art tools.

Top Coats

A good top coat can totally transform the look of your nails.

Top coats like Essie Top Coat Matte About You ($6.95) and Sinful Colors Matte Nail Polish Mattifly Top Coat ($3.95) will remove shine and give you a sophisticated matte manicure.

A top coat like Essence Metal Shock Top Coat ($3.95) on the hand will pack a serious metallic punch!


When it comes to adding some glitz and glam to your nails, the easiest trick in the book is to add glitter!

Not only is glitter nail polish super easy to use but it’s also extremely popular so you’re bound to find a colour that you love.

Some of our favourites include Barry M Crystal Rock Nail Polish ($2.95), Nails Inc Special Effect Nail Polish ($3.95) and Essence Holo Rainbow Nail Polish ($3.95).

Foiled Finishes

If the sparkle of a glitter just isn’t enough for you, you’ll love the foiled look!

If you’re a fan of a shiny, metallic, foil-like finish, Barry M Molten Metal Nail Polish is packed with light-reflecting particles to help you achieve that look with just a few swipes of polish. Best of all, it’s only $2.95!


Powders are a great way to add a cool effect to your nails that will have people thinking you just stepped out of the nail salon.

Apply a layer of nail polish and wait until it is still tacky but almost dry, then gently buff the powder onto your nail with a clean finger. Dust away any excess powder and then seal the powder with top coat. 

Looking for inexpensive nail powders? Give Essence Metal Shock Nail Powder a try for just $3.95.

Colour-Shifting Polishes

Colour-shifting nail polishes may not be as bold as chrome powders, but they are a great option if you would rather not use messy powders.

Barry M Under The Sea Nail Polish ($2.95) uses a colour-shifting, two-toned formula that glistens and shines just like a mermaid’s tail. So pretty!

Nail Decals

Nail decals are an awesome option for those who struggle to replicate intricate designs or for adding gems to your nails.

You can apply nail decals by adding them on top of nail polish while still wet, or you can use nail glue to make them extra secure.

If you want to try your hand at nail decals, check out BYS Face Body & Nail Decal Kit in Fruity Florals and Pretty Pearls, both of which are available for $11.95.

Press-on Nails

The easiest and most inexpensive way to truly achieve a salon-like manicure and nail art design is by using press-on nails like Sinful Colors Claws Pro Nail Art Manicure 2661 Femme Fighter 24pk ($5.95)

These nails are already pre-designed so you don’t have to do a thing except for sizing and applying. Simply attach the fake nails to your nails using nail glue or the included adhesive tabs.

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