You asked us for it, and we were so, so, so happy to deliver! Introducing Gerard Cosmetics, new to Cosmetic Capital!

So many beauty possibilities, so little time! Gerard Cosmetics gets our struggle and that’s why we love them!

What better way to greet this new brand to our site than to revel in their awesomeness and gloat about why you’re going to adore them?

Let’s start things off by saying that all of these products are cruelty-free – 100 points straight off the bat!

Love your lips!

Gerard Cosmetics have attracted a lot of social media attention for their amazing lip products and we totally see why.

Their Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks have supreme wear and don’t crack, crumble or flake. The consistency is thick and luxurious and dries completely matte, but still keeps your lips feeling super smooth.

If liquid lippie isn’t your thing, don’t worry, their traditional lipsticks are just as fab. They’re long-wearing, beautifully pigmented, have a lovely, creamy texture and will give your lips a gorgeous sheen that’s not too matte but not too glossy – the perfect in-between!

Pair a lippie with one of their lip liners for the prettiest pout.

Shine like the star you are!

If Gerard Cosmetics hadn’t brought some glow to the table, we would’ve been pretty upset. Thankfully, their Star Powders do not disappoint!

They have a smooth texture that glides on the skin and blends effortlessly for a wearable, divine, diamond-like highlight.

Chunky and patchy application is non-existent with these highlighting powders. Just complete and utter perfection.

Slay all day, queen!

It’s easy to forget the importance of setting your makeup, but Gerard Cosmetics’ Slay All Day Setting Sprays are just too adorable to pass up!

These sprays keep shine to a minimum, leaving the skin smooth and matte. They increase wear-time significantly and stop make-up transfer.  

Plus, they have yummy scents like peach and jasmine and have delightful matching colourings. They’re sure to stand-out in your make-up collection.

All in all, we know you’re going to love this brand. 

But don’t just take our word for it, check out the Gerard Cosmetics range for yourself here!

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