Ulta3, one of our absolute favourite Aussie brands, is constantly bringing out fantastic cosmetics that instil confidence and inspire adventure. Their stylishly on-trend products never lack in quality, are cruelty free and still manage to meet everybody’s budget.

Let your makeup brush take over and enjoy experimenting with their fun colours, divine textures and pure excellence!

Here are some of our finest favourites to help get you started!

#1 Perfect Balance Foundation

Three words: Hydration, illumination and rejuvenation.

Ulta3’s Perfect Balance Foundation is bursting with antioxidants to reinvigorate your skin while you wear it. The smooth, lightweight formula is so easy to work with and is pleasantly buildable, giving you the coverage you desire while still allowing your skin to breathe.

This foundation ensures the perfect balance between flawless skin and natural looking results, is suitable for all skin types and is available in five shades: Ivory, Beige, Natural, Honey and Golden.

#2 All About Eyes Eyeshadow Palette - Roses

While Ulta3 make a stunning nude palette, sometimes we get bored of neutral shades.

And as one of the most timeless rules in fashion goes, a little bit of colour goes a long way.

The Roses palette contains ten delectably creamy, highly pigmented, soft rose-toned shades that are simply perfect for a mesmerising pink and purple toned eyeshadow look.

Beautiful alone as well as layered, the gorgeous colour selection ranges from sweet and delicate day-time shades to haunting and daring pigments for some epic night-time glam.

Whether you want to flirt up a storm or rock out with attitude, this palette has every glamorous shade you could need!

#3 Illuminating Primer

Although highlighter has become a makeup bag staple, every girl dreams of looking as if their skin has been lit from within.

Ulta3’s Illuminating Primer preps the face for makeup and utilises light-reflective particles to diffuse light and allow a natural glow to radiate across the skin. The ultra-silky, lightweight texture ensures comfortable wear while still creating a smooth, even surface for better makeup application.

Skin that glows naturally before applying highlight? Sign us up!

#4 Strobing Kit

While we’re on the topic of glow, let’s talk about this fantastic strobing kit.

With two highlighting powders, two highlighting creams and two powder blushes, this six-pack complexion kit is just as good as a six-pack of abs.

Okay, maybe not. It's far better!

All your strobing essentials can be found in this kit. From beautiful bronzed shades to cute corals and pretty peaches, you choose the pigment and you choose the formula! How good is that?

To check out the rest of Ulta3’s awesome products, click here!

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