The $6 brow pencil you can't live without


The $6 brow pencil you can't live without

After spending years trying to find a brow pencil that offered me the precision I need and searching endlessly for an eyebrow gel that will actually keep my hairs in place for longer than five minutes, I realised something.

Brows should not be this hard.

It may take a while to perfect our skin given all the shadows and imperfections that need correcting and eyes understandably take forever with all the blending and liner precision that takes place.

But brows are a finishing touch. Albeit, they frame the face, but they shouldn’t be causing as much strife as they do.

The good news is, we may have found the $6 product that will change that forever.

The Browie Wowie Brow Pencil from LA Colors might be what we’ve searched far and wide for.

This dual-ended brow product allows you to groom, define and perfect your brows in a fraction of the time and with utmost precision.

Let’s take a look at what the LA Colors Browie Wowie Brow Pencil has to offer

  • It is a versatile, multi-purpose product. The dual-ended product comes fit with both a creamy eyebrow pencil for definition and a spoolie for grooming your brows and blending out product.
  • The pencil is packaged in an easy-to-use retractable twist top casing with fitted lids for hygiene. (Another perk of retractable twist tops: No sharpening necessary!)
  • The pencil itself has an angled tip with sharp edges and a flat top. This makes it exceptionally easy to carve out your brow shape and fill in sparse areas with impeccable precision. Use the edges to outline and the flat top to fill in.
  • The formula is not too soft where it slides and smears, but not too hard that it drags along the skin. It glides with ease but stays in place. 
  • Its waxy texture makes it quite long-wearing for a cream brow pencil.
  • It’s pleasant to work with as it’s easy to blend and just as easy to build upon without it looking unnatural.
  • It comes in an impressive variety of shades for a brow pencil (seven shades).
  • It has an insanely affordable price tag of $5.95.
  • LA Colors have also created a matching Browie Wowie Tinted Brow Gel if your brows need a little more help staying in place throughout the day.

By the sounds of things, this brow pencil may have just checked all of our boxes. Are you ready to give your brows the wow factor? 

The LA Colors Browie Wowie Pencil is available in Black, Espresso, Medium Brown, Soft Brown, Taupe, Warm Brown and Chocolate for $5.95.

Get your own LA Colors Browie Wowie Pencil here!

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