Your must-have for any night out


Your must-have for any night out

A smokey eye look never fails us for a night on the town. But sometimes you want a little something extra to spice up your look.

Yes, we could change up our lipstick colour. Perhaps even switch to a highlighter with a colour tinge like pink, blue or maybe even lavender. But rather than changing up our look drastically, we may just be looking for a small little finishing touch that will take our look from standard to spectacular.

A glittery accent is a dazzling way to transform your look and give it that little extra ‘something’ that will undoubtedly capture everybody’s attention.

Adding a sprinkle of glitter to your look has just got much easier and a whole lot cheaper with the Wet n Wild Color Icon Glitter Eyeshadow Singles.

These little glitter compacts are highly pigmented, long-lasting and buttery soft, infused with Vitamin E for a smooth, even, glittery finish for you to dance the night away in pure and utter glam.

The best part? They’re only $2.49.

Need some glitz-piration on how to incorporate some glittery shadows into your look? Here are a few ideas.

Accent your eyes

The obvious go-to when it comes to glittery eyeshadows is to place them on your lids for a mesmerising accent.

Focus your glitter of choice on the centre of the lid or the inner corners of the eye to create the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes.

For something a little more unique, you can apply some glitter to the lower lash line for an interesting contrast with your lid shadows. 

Take your highlight to the extreme

A very popular concert trend is to apply glitter to your cheekbones and temples in a ‘C’ shape.

Twinkle underneath those strobing neon lights by adding glitter to your cheekbones and décolletage. You only live once, so you might as well shine like a star! 

Change up your lip

We know your eyeshadow took you an hour to blend and you might be scared that adding glitter will ruin your hard work. We get it. 

If you still want a glittery accent of some sort but you’d prefer to play it safe, you can dab some glitter on top of your lip colour to jazz it up.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, after all. So, get your sparkle on with the Wet n Wild Color Icon Glitter Eyeshadow Singles!

Available in Bleached, Brass, Groupie, Karma, Toasty, Nudecomer and Spiked ($2.49 ea).

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