Lip Smacker

Lip Smacker

From their funky fun flavours and scents to their super cute and colourful packaging, Lip Smacker is all about sparking smiles.

Launching the first ever flavoured lip balm in Strawberry, Lemon, Green and Apple back in 1973, this innovative and creative lip balm has gone on to consistently deliver fun and exciting lip softening products with authentic flavours, pleasant scents and eye-catching designs.

Lip Smacker has rightfully amassed much popularity, even collaborating with huge brands such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Dr. Pepper, Starburst and Skittles.  

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Where to buy Lip Smackers on sale

You can buy Lip Smackers on sale at Cosmetic Capital. Easily shop Lip Smacker lip balm and lip gloss with all your favourite flavours and characters such as Minnie Mouse, Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Frozen’s Elsa, Anna and Olaf at very low prices. Make your shopping experience even more flexible with buy now and pay later payment methods Afterpay and zipPay.


How long do Lip Smackers last?

It is hard to specify an exact expiration date for lip balms like Lip Smackers as it depends on the ingredients and storage environment once opened (exposure to heat, humidity, etc). Lip Balm may expire from anywhere between 12 months and 3 years. Lip gloss has an average shelf life of 12-18 months. Keep an eye out for any changes in appearance, texture or smell and use your own discernment.


What age can you use Lip Smackers?

Lip Smackers lip products have a recommend age of 6 years +.