Schwarzkopf started with the man himself, Hans Schwarzkopf opening a klein store in Berlin. He’d done his time nerding it up and had got his accreditation as a qualified chemist, so he thought it just the right time to make his mark on the world. Well, perhaps his vision wasn’t as grandiose as where Schwarzkopf has arrived today, but it was quality from the word gehen (that would be German for go).

It was all perfume to start out with but oh did the variety el chango. Hans was not a fan of the expensive oils and harsh soaps, that were the prescribed way to get your locks clean back in the day, so he went about changing that pronto.

He created a powder shampoo that dissolved in water, was easy to use and didn’t cost all your hopes and dreams. It was an instant hit.

Soon Hans is supplying his ‘shampoo with the black head’ to all and sundry in Germany, The Netherlands, with Russia really wanting in.

1927. That’s when Hans changed it up. Completely. He introduces the world to liquid shampoo and we as humans have never looked back. The “Schwarzkopf Institute for Hair Hygiene” is created and becomes the place to – Know. Hair. Real. Good.

Was Hans finished innovating? Nup. He launches “Onakali”, the globe’s first non-alkaline shampoo. So good for our locks, thank goodness. Oh and Hans delivers the first home colour product, Poly Color started all your home dying adventures, give thanks. 

Schwarzkopf knows what’s good for your head. They’ve been in this game for over a hundred years and your precious noggin’ can rest in no better hands. 

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