Schwarzkopf have been empowering professionals and consumers alike with their effective and easy-to-use hair care and styling products for over 120 years.

As true pioneers and innovators in the world of haircare, Schwarzkopf have continuously reinvented and redefined hair care, rightfully making them a globally renowned brand and leaders in the industry.

Schwarzkopf allows you to express yourself and put your best hair forward with their reliable and effective ranges of hair colour and hair dye such as their Permanent Brilliance Hair Colour, Semi-Permanent Live Colour and other hair care and styling products including Schwarzkopf shampoo, conditioner and hairspray.

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Best Sellers

Schwarzkopf are famous for Hair Care products and Hair Colour products that get results. Proven over many years, the Schwarzkopf Live Colour range consistently receives fantastic reviews in Australia. Schwarzkopf offer Hairstyling products in their Extra Care and Taft traditional ranges, however they are one of the market leaders in hair colouring, with ranges including Live Salon Permanent, Live Colour, Nordic, Perfect Mousse and Root Retoucher (to name a few!).

Schwarzkopf also offer a salon professional range, which include their OSIS+ brand as well as the BC Bonacure range. These products are used in salons worldwide and are also readily available for home use, bringing salon-quality into your private haircare routine.

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Is Schwarzkopf a good brand?

Schwarzkopf is one of the market leaders in affordable Hair Care for everyone. With a range of products that cater to every hair style, you can be confident that Schwarzkopf has a hair care solution for you.

Schwarzkopf is a fantastic brand for hair dyes, shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments. The OSIS+ range extends into professional products for those looking for salon-quality products at home.


Is Schwarzkopf shampoo good for hair?

Schwarzkopf shampoo is one of the most popular brands across the world. Due to their large range of shampoo for different hair types and Hair Concerns, Schwarzkopf shampoo is often found in bathrooms from people of all ages.

With their unique formulas, Schwarzkopf shampoo cleans and repairs hair, while focusing on specific concerns, such as Damaged Hair, Colour Protect, Dry or Oily Hair and Frizz Control.

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How to use Schwarzkopf hair dye

Schwarzkopf hair dyes are renown for the quality, affordability and the stunning results they provide. Finding the right Hair Colour is not always easy, but the Schwarzkopf Live Colour range gives you the opportunity to test a new shade with a semi-permanent hair colour.

You can also try the more traditional Schwarzkopf hair colours across a range of shades for a more permanent colour change.

Found your new Schwarzkopf Australia hair colour but not sure how to use it? Here’s what you need to do.


  • Make sure you have time. Dyeing your hair is not a quick process, so ensure you don’t have an appointment, errand to run or other activity when you start dyeing your hair.
  • Protect your clothing and skin. Wear an old shirt that you don’t mind getting mildly ruined if dye drips onto it. You should also drape a towel over your neck to try prevent dye dripping onto your clothing. You can also rub Vaseline at the top of your forehead, ears and back of your neck. This will stop the hair colour from staining your skin, which is difficult to wash off if it does.
  • Use gloves. All Schwarzkopf hair dyes include gloves in the pack. Make sure to use these when applying the hair dye.
  • Section your hair. Make sure you section your hair in four segments. This will make the colouring process easier.
  • Read the instructions. Go through the directions to determine how long to keep the dye in your hair. You don’t want to keep the dye in longer than necessary.
  • Plan your dye day. You want to dye your hair at least one day after washing. Hair colour is best absorbed on hair that isn’t freshly washed, as the hair’s natural oils stop the dye from damaging the scalp.
  • Try before committing permanently. Semi-permanent and temporary hair colours are great ways to test a shade before dyeing it with a more permanent product.
  • Repair before dyeing. If your hair is damaged, frayed, full of split ends or otherwise just a bit unhealthy, then cut your hair first and apply a Hair Mask a week before dyeing. This will give your hair time to repair before you apply your hair dye.
  • Stay within two shades of your natural colour. Unless you are going for a funky new shade, such as pink or blue, stay within two shades of your natural colour. This will give you the best natural results.


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