Steal the limelight with your lashes

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 10 April 2019 

It's time to add some sparkle to your lashes! Try these new, unique lashes from The Beauty Case and become the centre of attention you deserve to be!


Any beauty lover knows that a pair of luscious lashes can really take a look to the next level. But one thing we tend to underestimate is just how much personality a pair of lashes can pack.

One beauty brand out there has made it their mission to put a unique spin on this concept and they go by the name of The Beauty Case.

The Beauty Case have taken revamped the traditional design of lashes and bedazzled them with glitter and unconventional colours to reveal a whole new world of funky lash possibilities.

Whether you’re a cosplayer about to enter a new tournament, a costume-party enthusiast or just someone who enjoys playing around with exciting new makeup looks, you need to check out these quirky lashes!



The Beauty Case False Lashes All A Flutter Style BC363 E

$3.95 (RRP $5.65)


Going for that Cat-Woman look? These intense lashes will give you all the definition, length and volume necessary for that dark, bold cat-eye!

With tightly packed lash hairs and alternating hair lengths that taper out for an exaggerated elongated cat-eye, these lashes are full of mystery and edgy attitude.

Lash glue included.



The Beauty Case False Lashes All A Flutter Style BC363 G

$3.95 (RRP $5.65)


These extremely fluttery lashes are perfect for any costume involving mystical creatures or porcelain dolls.

Giving you volume, length and undeniable flutter with their unique grosgrain-like weave and dispersed fan design, these unique lashes are sure to captivate.

And as if these lashes couldn’t get any more unique, they also include floating sequins to add to their interesting individualistic flair.

Lash glue included.



The Beauty Case False Lashes All A Flutter Style Red Metallic BC3611

$3.95 (RRP $5.65)


An excellent choice for all the rock chicks and concert goers out there, these unique lashes not only serve volume, length, drama and utter glamour, but their metallic red filaments also create a stunning luxe finish for an unforgettable lash look.

Want a bold lash with a twist? These are the lashes for you!

Lash glue included.



The Beauty Case False Lashes All A Flutter Style Colour & Sequins BC361 K

$3.95 (RRP $5.65)


These lashes are the life of the party! 

Giving you everything from tightly packed density, fluttery volume, stunning length, rainbow coloured hairs and reflective studs, these lashes will undoubtedly be the stars of the show.

Lash glue included.



The Beauty Case False Lashes Colour & Glitter BC361 H

$3.95 (RRP $5.65)


These multi-coloured holographic lashes exude nothing but fun!

Offering length, volume and glamour with a twist, these eccentric lashes make the cutest accent for any festival look.

Lash glue included.



Shope more unique lash goodies and beauty accessories from The Beauty Case here!

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