Ladies, it's time to Get Lashed

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 18 September 2017 

Whoever said false lashes were just for special occasions was so wrong!

No doubt, a pair of falsies can totally add some killer glam to a party outfit or a makeup look that needs some extra pizzazz. But false lashes also enhance and invite more brightness to your eyes, widen, elongate and accentuate their shape and garnish them with a gorgeous, youthful flutter.

Get Lashed London make a stunning range of synthetic lashes for making bold and glamorous statements. As the sister brand of Nails Inc., these pretty lashes are loved by British beauty goers.



Oh, and did we mention they were only $3.95?!


As with most beauty do’s and don’ts, rules are meant to be broken. Except maybe those unbreakable golden rules such as washing your makeup off before bed, even though I know some of you busy ladies can sometimes forget … *ahem* Guilty as charged.

But as I was saying, it’s always super fun to mix, match, play around and experiment with different looks, and the same goes for fake lashes. But there is a method to choosing the best lashes for your eye shape.

We’ve put a little guide together to take some of the difficulty out of fake lashes. Emphasis on ‘some’. We know that choosing the lashes is only half of the struggle!



If you have round, deep-set or upturned eyes


Get Glamorous, Get Sexy and Get Kissable!

These lashes are excellent for round-eyed girls because they’re long and dramatic. The upwards splaying of the lashes also helps to bring out deep-set eyes.

They have been shaped to emphasise the outer corner which helps to elongate the eye. This also accentuates the natural lift of upturned eyes and adds even more volume.



If you have hooded, monolid, almond or downturned eyes


Get Stunning and Get Flirty!

The varying lengths of these lashes make them perfect for hooded eyes. The longest lashes have been placed in the centre of the lash strip to draw attention inwards and give off the illusion of depth and lift.

The varied lash density and spacing in these lashes make them the best match for almond-eyed girls as thicker lashes can make them appear smaller. 

Get Stunning’s spiky lash-tapering is great for adding lit to downturned eyes and Get Flirty’s fluffy appearance brings gorgeous lushness to monolids.

Get Lashed London lashes come with clear drying lash adhesive. All synthetic lashes should last from 3-8 wears.



Pick up a pair of Get Lashed London lashes for only $3.95 here!

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