Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 22 July 2017 

The Beauty Exchange totally debunks the idea that the aesthetic of cosmetic tools matters less than their functionality by bringing both to the table!

TBX develop sleek, ultra-trendy accessories that work effectively and efficiently while still being super user friendly. From their silky soft brushes to their fashionable cosmetic bags, these guys are the epitome of quality and style.

So without further ado, here are our top TBX treasures!


TBX Magnetic Starter Kit


What better way to kick-start your love affair with TBX than their magnetic starter kit that includes three makeup brush essentials? This awesome kit contains a flat eyeshadow brush, a foundation brush and a precision powder brush.

TBX’s brushes are ah-mazing (more on that later!) but secondly, they’re magnetic!

The kit comes with a metal plate so that you can display your magnetic brushes hygienically and conveniently, making your makeup application more effective. Plus, you can show off your stylish TBX Magnetic Brush display to your friends and fam!



TBX Fan Highlighter Brush


We couldn’t write about our TBX favourites without mentioning one of their amazing brushes. The only hard part was deciding which one!

The Fan Highlighter Brush has to be the most multi-purpose brush out of the bunch without a doubt.

The fanned design of this lightweight brush is excellent for dusting highlighting powder along your cheekbones, nose ridge and décolletage. All it requires is a light-handed gliding of the flat side of the brush across the skin.

You can also use this brush for delicate, controlled application of bronzers and blushes, sweeping away eyeshadow fallout and creating sharp and precise definition with contouring powder.

And, just like most of TBX’s brushes, this brush is also magnetic so you can store it either in your Magnetic Starter Kit or The Clique Brush Holder.



TBX Daily Brush Cleaner


Although a thorough brush cleaning should be done monthly at the very least, regular spot cleaning of your makeup brushes increases their longevity and improves their efficacy, as there will be less product build up between the bristles, which can hinder seamless makeup application.

TBX’s Daily Brush Cleaner cleanses and conditions natural and synthetic brushes promptly and effectively. The quick-drying formula contains antibacterial ingredients as well as a refreshing green tea fragrance to keep your brushes smelling lovely and clean.

Just give your brushes a spritz and gently wipe off the excess with a towel or soft cloth. So easy!



TBX Reversible Makeup Collars


Applying makeup and trying not to dirty your clothes. #FirstWorldProblem101

This product may seem simple but it’s a total life saver.

Now, instead of desperately trying to avoid your makeup smudging all over your new outfit, you can put on a makeup collar to spend less time stressing over mess and more time perfecting that smokey eye you’ve been too afraid to attempt.

Black eyeshadow fall-out? The worst!



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Oh, The Beauty Exchange… Don’t ever change! 

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