Makeup Palettes

Makeup Palettes

It’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed by all the different makeup products available in the market today. Makeup palettes are an excellent option for anyone who may be looking for an easy and convenient way to simplify their makeup routine. There is a makeup palette for everything from eyeshadow and glitters to bronzers, contours, blushes and highlighters. A makeup palette will provide you with variety and convenience whether you are looking to speed up your everyday makeup application or you are after something compact and travel-friendly.

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Looking for where to buy eyeshadow palettes has never been easier, with Cosmetic Capital offering big brand palettes online at affordable prices. Palettes are a great way to build up makeup looks, experiment with a wider range of colours and dabble between neutral to brighter shades. Great for travel, compact and efficient, it is no wonder that palettes are the biggest trend at the moment. Not sure where to begin? NYX, Maybelline, L’Oreal and BYS are all famous for their pigmented palettes. Looking for other Makeup items like foundation or lashes? Choose from hundreds of beauty favourites today, and when you spend over $60 shipping is free!


What is the best eyeshadow palette to buy?

Finding the best eyeshadow palette for you is a very personal decision. You have to weigh up the purpose of the palette, such as everyday look, workplace appropriate, night-time partying or anything in between.

Neutral palettes are traditionally more suited to everyday or workplace looks, as their subtlety is their greatest strength.

But if you are after a more colourful look, then a full colour palette will give you a range of shades to create a unique, bold look that is sure to grab attention no matter what the occasion.

BYS offer a range of neutral and colourful palettes that are suitable for every look you are trying to create. Maybelline, L’Oreal and NYX also offer a range of different palettes that will give you the freedom to experiment with shades and styles for the perfect look.


Where can I buy eyeshadow palettes?

Creating the perfect look is just an eyeshadow palette away. But where can you find the best eyeshadow palettes from the biggest brands in beauty? Well, Cosmetic Capital has your back!

With hundreds of eyeshadow palettes, you can find the exact palette you want from brands such as L’Oreal, wet n wild, Maybelline, BYS and more. And better yet, they are all far more affordable at Cosmetic Capital than anywhere else!

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How to use Maybelline eyeshadow palettes

Maybelline eyeshadow palettes come in either powder or cream form. Here is how to apply both types.


Applying Maybelline eyeshadow palettes in powder form

1.Make sure you have at least one eyeshadow brush to use, although you can use more brushes for more complex looks.

2.Whisk the brush across the shadow 2-3 times and then tap of any excess powder in a clean tissue.

3.Brush the eyeshadow onto your lids from the inner to the outer corner of your eyes.

4.Repeat as needed or with different shades to create the perfect look.


Applying Maybelline eyeshadow palettes in cream form

1.Maybelline cream eyeshadow palettes are best used with your finger instead of an eyeshadow brush.

2.Just clean your finger and then buff the cream eyeshadow onto your lids.

3.You can layer to build intensity or just use a light touch to give a taste of colour to your eyes.


How long can you keep eyeshadow palettes?

An eyeshadow palette can last an extraordinary long amount of time. Some people keep their palettes for five years, while others need to replace theirs much sooner.

If you use your palette sparingly and make sure it remains closed in its case, it can last years. If you use it regularly, or use a wet blender or brush in the palette, it may not last as long.

As a guide, a palette should last around 24 months from when opened, but this will change based on your usage.


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