Priming your skin before makeup is a must if you want it to look its best and last the night. Primer can help even out the skin tone and forms a layer across the skin that makeup can adhere to, enhancing its pigment, preventing creasing and extending wear time.

Several types of primers exist to elevate your makeup game. This includes face primer, eye primer, lash primer and even lip primer.

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What is primer?

Primers are used to create a layer between your skin and makeup. They are used to even out skin tone, smooth the skin’s surface, which assists in applying makeup evenly and also helping makeup last longer.

Primers can be used for your face, lips, eyes and even lashes.


What does primer do?

Primers help makeup last longer by creating a layer between the skin and makeup. This also smooth’s the skin’s surface and also evens out skin tone.

When applied correctly, primer ensures your makeup doesn’t run and lasts significantly longer than if you haven’t applied a primer.

As they say, it’s a crime not to prime!

Face primers specifically have a range of other features that assist your skin before you start applying your makeup.

Illuminating primers give your skin a touch of radiance that sits beneath your makeup. Better yet, these types of primers can be worn alone if you want a more natural feel with a hint of glow.

Mattifying primers are perfect for those with oily skin, as they can reduce shine and control sebum.

Colour-correcting primers are tinted to help conceal discolouration, such as redness or sallow skin.

Hydrating primers are the best friend of those with dry skin, as they add an extra layer of moisture to the skin before makeup is applied.

Pore-minimising primers are best used for those looking to reduce the appearance of pores before your makeup application.

You can also use specific primers for your eyes, lips and lashes.

Eyelid primer keeps eyeshadow from creasing and ensures your eye makeup stays in place.

Lip primer creates a smooth base for lipstick application (similar to how a face primer smooth’s your skin before application).

Lash primer adds nutrients to your lashes while also creating an even base for voluminious lashes.

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How to apply primer

Applying primer is a simple process as long as you remember the golden rule – apply primer after you have finished your skincare routine and before you apply your makeup.

Almost all primers have to be applied before applying your makeup, otherwise they don’t work.

To apply primer, follow these steps:


  1. After your skincare routine, apply a small amount of primer and blend with your fingers. This will give you greater control to ensure a seamless finish, while also getting the primer into all areas. You can use a damp beauty blender, but fingers are the preferred application method.
  2. Wait at least one minute for your primer to dry before applying makeup.


Finding the right amount of primer to apply may take some practice, as it also depends on your skin type.

Those with dry skin may need to apply more primer than those with oily skin, who should traditionally apply less.

As a point of reference, start with a small amount of primer that is around the size of a 10c coin. Less is more with primer, so don’t overdo the amount.

And don’t ever forget, it’s a crime not to prime!


What is the best primer?

Finding the best primer can be an epic journey of discovery. With so many primers available in different forms, for different purposes and from different brands, it can be a tad daunting to start.

So to make life easy, we recommend trying primers from these three brands. Just be sure to use only a small amount of primer to test it works for your skin type.


  1. BYS


BYS primers are a favourite because of their versatility for those with different skin types. With a range that includes primers with Vitamin E, primers with gold flakes and primers with hydrating pearls, you can find unique, reliable primers at very affordable prices.


  1. NYX


NYX have some of the world’s best-selling primers that are beloved for their incredible formulas. The Pore Filler Primer is one of NYX’s most well-known primers and is the perfect base for smoothing out your complexion before applying your makeup. Including Vitamin E, it creates a smooth film with a blurring effect that reduces the appearance of pores.


  1. wet n wild


wet n wild have a range of primer options that range include liquid formulas, sticks, drops and sprays. These affordable primers are renown for their quality and are often used by makeup artists when preparing their clients for new and exciting looks.


Best primer for pores

The best primer for pores is NYX pore filler primer. This Vitamin E-infused formulation glides across the skin creating a smooth film with a blurring effect to reduce the appearance of pores. NYX are renowned for their quality makeup primers, however they are also famous for their pigmented Lipstick!


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