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How many makeup brushes do I need?

As a beginner, you can get by with about 3 or 4 makeup brushes but it’s worth understanding all of the different types of makeup brushes so you can slowly grow your collection and your confidence as you experiment with more and more types of makeup artistry.

The full list of available makeup brushes includes:

●      Concealer brush

●      Foundation brush

●      Brow brush

●      Stippling brush

●      Blending brush

●      Powder brush

●      Crease brush (eyeshadow)

●      Blush brush

●      Pencil brush

●      Bronzer brush

●      Flat eyeshadow brush

●      Eyelash and eyebrow brush (typically comes in a double-ended brush)

●      Eyeliner brush

●      Contour brush

●      Lip brush

●      Highlight brush

Then there are other types of makeup tools like a beauty blender that you can use in place of a foundation brush.

Let’s start with the concealer brush. This is typically a small-headed brush that looks like a fine art painting brush but a little bit denser. This can be used for both highlighting with concealer under the eyes as well as for applying cream eyeshadow products.

A brow brush is specifically designed for bringing depth and volume to your eyebrows as well as for applying cream eyeliner products. It will be slightly tapered to give you better control and definition for fine lines.

A blending brush is generally used for blending eyeshadow pigment and will come with a big, friendly bristle head. These bristles are soft and ideal for sweeping out the colour for gentle colour blending. It’s the perfect brush for beginners as it’s easy to use and gives you instant results with very little technique.

A crease brush is like a brow brush but will come with a slightly thicker, tapered brush head. It’s generally up to personal preference as to whether a round or tapered head brush works better so experiment with both to get a feel for how you like to set your eyeshadow pigment. The crease brush should give you greater control in defining darker lowlight colours in the crease of your eyelid.

The pencil brush is your best friend when it comes to creating smoky eyes, giving you more control than an eyeliner pencil for the delicate space under your bottom lashes. It’s shaped like a pencil tip but it’s much softer.

Everyone should have a flat eyeshadow brush. These brushes have a dense and firm brush head offering the greatest control for applying your eyeshadow pigment.

A spoolie brush is perfect for both shaping and defining your eyebrows as well as for pulling clumps of mascara out of your lashes after application. It’s best to have a few of these and not to reuse them very often as these brushes spend a lot of time in product and near your eyes.

A flat eyeliner brush is another great eyeliner pencil alternative offering you greater control and definition when creating the perfect line. This brush head will have a short, flat edge bristle head.

Your lip brush isn’t an absolute must-have, but it will make it easy to apply a range of bolder colours, giving you greater application precision. Bold lipstick hues like fiery reds and deep plum must be applied very precisely for the look to come off right and a lip brush gives you that precision edge.

The foundation brush is a must-have product and will help you achieve a flawless, airbrushed look when applying your foundation. However, not all foundations work with a brush, and not all foundation brushes are the same. Generally, they’ll come with a broad head, but types vary so spend time playing with the different brush heads to find the one that works best with your foundation type and your application technique. You can also use a damp beauty blender to achieve flawless coverage.

The stippling brush is also another type of foundation brush type, but it can also be used for applying other products like blush and bronzer when you’re contouring. The brush head will have a light and feathery feel for dusting powder products and for blending them as you apply them. This makes this type of brush a great all-rounder.

There are dedicated blush and bronzer brushes as well that look and feel a lot like a stippling brush so it will come down to personal preference as to whether you want to get a range of brushes. It’s always fun to experiment so you may want to see whether they suit but trying out some inexpensive versions first.


How to clean makeup brushes?

Keeping your makeup brushes clean is absolutely necessary. Regularly cleaning your brushes will help to stop introducing anything nasty to your face, particularly your eyes, as well as save the bristles on your brush heads from clumping and deteriorating. There are lots of dedicated brush cleaners you can buy which take just a few minutes to use with some water. Always ensure that your brushes are 100% dry before you use them again to avoid messing up your products or your pain-staking application. Spoolie brushes should be replaced regularly as well as cleaned if you’re planning to reuse them.


How to keep makeup brushes soft?

Thoroughly cleaning out your makeup brushes will stop products from becoming caked within the bristles and hardening them. Always follow your makeup brush cleaner’s instructions carefully and always ensure that your brushes are completely dry before using them again. Sunshine is the best way to dry them out so once you have thoroughly cleaned them, pop them in a clean spot in the sunlight and let nature do her work.


Are natural or synthetic makeup brushes better?

When buying makeup brushes, always opt for the very highest quality that you can afford but this doesn’t always mean 100% natural brush fibres. Natural brush fibres are perfect for applying powder products as they’re more likely to give you a smoother and more natural-looking finish. For cream products, however, synthetic brush bristles often make for easier and more precise application.


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