The makeup mirror you never knew you needed


The makeup mirror you never knew you needed

It can be a bit of a mission trying to find the best lighting for makeup application. Too dark of a surrounding and you can run the risk of streakiness and terrible blending, too light of a room and you may compensate with heavy-handed application and walk out of the house looking like the Joker.

Rather than hijacking the room with the most sunlight or setting up a line of heat-inducing lamps, you could always invest in an illuminated makeup mirror.

These fancy mirrors aren’t just reserved for the rich and the famous. They make the life of any makeup mogul a whole lot easier!

Paris Glam make illuminated mirrors all the more accessible with their sleek design, versatility and portability.

If the old Hollywood-esque light-bulb mirror is too elaborate for you but you would like the even illumination that a light-up mirror provides, you need to check out the Paris Glam 16 LED Touch Screen Mirror.

The lights

Providing you the same even illumination without making you feel as if you just stepped out of the last millennium, these chic, slender mirrors come with 16 LED lights that have been wired behind the mirror, so you can enjoy illumination with a sleek, flat mirrored surface that will compliment any vanity, bedroom or bathroom.

The design

This rectangular mirror is 22cm x 16cm.

It is incredibly user-friendly with its lightweight feel, portability, adjustable stand and 360-degree rotative capability.

It comes with a nifty storage compartment to hold any go-to makeup products that you use on the daily, as well as a 3x magnifier mirror that suctions to the mirror which is especially useful for nailing that precise liner or plucking your brows.

The functions

Powered by 4 x AA batteries, flick the power switch at the back of the mirror and easily turn your mirror off and on using the smart touchscreen button on the mirror’s front.

The Paris Glam 16 LED Touch Screen Mirror is available in a sleek black that matches any room.

Transform your makeup station with the makeup mirror you never knew you needed for just $24.95 (RRP $79.00).

Click here to buy it now and pay later with Afterpay and zipPay!

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