How to glow forever after


How to glow forever after

If you’re anything like us (and we kind of think you are!), we seriously cannot get enough of glow.

Whether it’s a sparkling new highlight or a high-shine lip gloss, we are simply obsessed with this sparkling trend.

LA Colors have stepped up to the plate, taking this fashionable trend to a whole new level with their new Everafter Prismatic Collection and we are beyond excited about it!

This collection is excellent for adding a pop of pastel glittery glam to your spring time makeup looks.

Not to mention, these products would be perfect for a mermaid or unicorn-inspired makeup look. Oh Halloween, how we’ve missed you!

Let’s take a deep dive into the land of all things glow and check out what LA Colors has to offer.

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The Illuminating Skin Enhancer Dazzling Sparkle Drops


This illuminating sparkle dropper from LA Colors just dropped on in to say, “It’s glow time!”

Coming in three different enchanting colours, add a hint of mystical colour and an undeniable shine to your look by applying a couple of drops of this product on-top of your existing highlight, wear it alone or mix it with your primer for an all-over glow.

The Illuminating Skin Enhancer Dazzling Sparkle Drops come in Stellar, a magical lavender colour, and Starlight, a silvery colour with pearlescent lavender undertones.

The LA Colors Illuminating Skin Enhancer Dazzling Sparkle Drops in 'Stellar'

The Holographic Iridescent Lipgloss


Shiny lipglosses just got a whole lot shinier.

LA Colors are throwing some holographic glitters in the mix for a seriously sparkly lip look.

With light reflecting pearls for an undeniable sparkle and added Vitamin E and Shea Butter to keep your lips moisturised and hydrated along the way, you can shimmer in comfort and glamour all day long.

These lipglosses can be worn by themselves, as well as over other lip colours to give them a beautiful twinkling twist.

Add some pink, gold or silver shimmer to your lips with Sugared, Gold Rush and Diamond Lite.  

The LA Colors Holographic Iridescent Lipgloss in 'Gold Rush'

Shop the new Everafter Prismatic Collection and more awesome products from LA Colors here

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