Match your eyes with your star sign


Match your eyes with your star sign

Star signs have always been a hot topic in party conversations. Show off your star sign with some gorgeously unique matte and shimmer shades that have been inspired by the Zodiac.

The BH Cosmetics Zodiac 25 Color Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette offers a buttery matte and iridescent shimmer shade for each of the 12 Zodiac signs with an ethereal, reflective highlighter that twinkles like the stars.

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Aries’ courage, confidence and determination burns in their heart like a blazing fire. This bold, enthusiastic and sometimes impulsive sign is full of untamed passion.

A shimmery teal blue fearlessly mesmerises and captivates with a matte soft black to add depth and drama.


Taurus are patient, practical signs that make extremely reliable friends. Although a little stubborn and uncompromising in their views, you can always turn to a Taurus when you need a responsible person to lend you some constructive, rational advice. 

A sparkling golden brown and soft matte plum emulate the perfect balance between stable Earthy vibes and strong tenacity. 


Gemini are curious wonderers and quick learners that can easily adapt to any circumstance. Their curiosity can lead them to appear rather inconsistent, but their affectionate nature and great sense of humour always win people over.

An eye-catching silver depicts the light in their heart that loves to learn with a gentle matte lavender gorgeously capturing their caring, warm-hearted nature.


Cancer is one of the more emotional and sensitive signs in the zodiac, but they are incredibly imaginative and persevering. They always follow their hearts and are great shoulders to cry on as they are very caring and sympathetic.  

A deep indigo and matte purple work together to capture the pure emotions of the Cancerian heart.

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A Leo’s cheerfulness, sense of humor and self-confidence makes them the life of the party. Extremely creative, passionate and generous, Leo’s always come up with exciting ideas and are willing to take you along for the ride.

A frosty pink rosé and matte wine capture Leo’s spirited essence.


Although overly critical at times, Virgo’s are the hard workers that know how to get things done. They can come off a little shy at first but once you get to know them, they’re kind, loyal and will probably assign themselves as your personal anti-procrastination coach. 

A golden bronze highlights Virgo’s drive for perfectionism with a baby pink matte to reiterate the kindness of their hearts and their genuine wish for everyone to succeed. 


Libra’s are charming, fair and diplomatic. They favour cooperation, balance and harmony but once they’ve been hurt, they tend to carry a grudge. However, they do so graciously.

A glittery grape illustrates Libra’s elegance with a dark matte grey/black emulating their prudence. 


Scorpio are brave and resourceful signs who go after what they want with passion and perseverance. Once you’re on a Scorpio’s good side (it takes a while!), they will be your truest friend.  

A shiny burnt copper and matte sienna capture a Scorpio’s deep emotions and unrivalled passion.

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Sagittarians are super fun to have around with their awesome sense of humor, lovable optimism and pursuit for adventure. They will say whatever’s on their mind and sometimes land themselves in trouble, but they can quickly turn it into a laugh.

A dazzling forest green and matte burnt orange perfectly represent the free-spirited fearlessness of the Sagittarius.


Responsible, disciplined and masters in self-control, Capricorn the most logical of the Zodiac. A Capricorn’s rationalism can make them appear pessimistic but if you ever need some real advice or even some help putting together a practical budget, you can count on a Capricorn.

A shimmery brown and cool olive matte excellently represent the down-to-earth essence of Capricorn.


The humanitarians of the Zodiac, Aquarians are always on the pursuit for the ‘greater good’. Independent and progressive, Aquarians fight for what’s right. Sometimes aloof and ‘lost in the clouds’, these dreamers love to get lost in thought pondering conspiracy theories.

A powerful gold and matte warm beige represent the purity and strength of the Aquarius soul.


Pisces are artistic signs that are driven by a longing to escape reality. Compassionate, intuitive and gentle with a naive tendency to trust too easily, Pisces make extremely caring and trustworthy friends.

A shimmery bronze and dark matte brown complement each other in highlighting Pisces emotional depth and complexity.

Explore the signs of the Zodiac now with the BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette for just $42.95!

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