If there’s ever a time to immerse yourself in the lush lifestyle, it’s summer. It is time to commit all of your leave, disposable income and exhilarated brain cells to hitting up the wineries in this beaut of a land.

Our summer’s are to be just so. LUSH. Darlings.


A summer of wine tasting, nibbling on canapes and wondering where you’ve left your sun hat this time. This is Australia, behbs. Where the “bloomin” hell are we? ‘Ssstraya.

We live in Australia and it is time to lush it up because we have OVER 2000 WINE PRODUCERS. Just enough to keep us occupied. Hmm, just about. 

It’s time to start getting through them, ladies.

But is it all about wine? NUP. There are other addictions that must happily drizzle on our palette.


It means hitting up Messina ON. THE. REGULAR.

It means bar hopping the inner city bars until early morn and ‘fuuuu**, that’s the sun, yes, that is the early morning sun’.

It means hopping in the car and finally hitting up the Hunter valley, all of Tasmania and fine, you might as well do the Goulburn, Yarra, Beechworth and Gippsland wine regions in Victoria.

It means rock hopping until you find the secret beach of your dreams and going skinny dipping. Not one stitch of clothing allowed.

It means driving to outback and seeing stars for the first time. Really, really seeing stars.

It means sobbing lightly as you hold a koala for the first time and thinking, this is why I live.

It means drinking yet more wine.

The warm weather has settled happily on our fair land, the sun in the heavens is beaming down and, oh me oh my, we can feel the frolic vibes bubbling up to dizzying heights. Yes. It is time dear brethren, to get out there and wine and dine the shizzzz out of summer.

We’ve hustled up the perfect shades to adorn your lips as you sip and nom on every connoisseur phenomena that Australia is ready to serve up.

Damn it, babes, we’re all so fabulous. Be sure to tag us in your summer festivities on Instagram, @cosmeticcapital!


Wine tasting in the Hunter: Red

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A classic white on the beach: White wine

Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint Moisturizing Lip Color Balm Coming Up Rosy

Rose at the boutique hotel of your choice: Rose

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick Camilia

Overlooking any bloody coast: Champers 

Max Factor Colour Intensifying Balm 35 Classy Cherry

And of course, the ONE true calling: The Chocolate Sundae

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tawny

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