The BEST affordable foundations


The BEST affordable foundations

Where would we be without beauty gurus? They give us in-depth reviews, educational tutorials and save us a great deal of money by trialling and testing makeup products so that we don’t have to.

Beauty gurus try out a multitude of products on the daily, so you know that when they make a recommendation, it’s well-informed and almost always spot on.

KathleenLights, or Kathleen Fuentes, kick-started her YouTube channel in 2013 with a video about her favourite MAC lipsticks. Over the past five years, she has raked in a loyal following of four million and has even launched her own nail polish line called KL Polish. She obviously knows a thing or two about beauty!

Kathleen brought in the new year by informing her fans about her favourite foundations from 2018 and amongst the nine that she praised, we were stoked to hear her mention 3 that belong to the Cosmetic Capital family.

Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Normal / Dry Skin

$9.95 (RRP $34.95)

In her video, Kathleen tells her fans that the Revlon ColorStay Foundation was the first foundation she ever used. For Kathleen to still have this foundation in her top nine after all these years, you know it must be good!

Her friend recommended this foundation to her when she asked for a foundation that was affordable, long-lasting, natural looking and flattering in photos.

There are two versions of this foundation – one for normal or dry skin types and one for combination or oily skin – but Kathleen uses the normal / dry formulation in the shade 250 Fresh Beige.  

Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation


The Healthy Foundation from Physicians Formula was Kathleen’s most used drugstore foundation in 2018.

She says that it feels breathable and lightweight on the skin and gives your complexion a beautiful healthy look while still providing great coverage.

She also loves the fact that this foundation “blends like a dream”, saying that it even looks good when you apply it with your fingers.

Whilst she mentions that the product does have downfalls where packaging and colour selection is concerned, she says that she is absolutely obsessed with the finish. 

LA Girl Pro Matte HD Foundation


Kathleen rates the LA Girl Pro Matte HD Foundation is one of her “favourite foundations out there … ever.”

She gravitates toward this foundation when she has a big day planned as it's super long-wearing and manages to stay looking flawless all day long. 

She also claims that this foundation even looks good on its own and mentions that it looks great in photos. Kind of important when you’re a famous online influencer!

We are forever grateful to Kathleen for sharing her favourite affordable foundations with us. Muchas gracias!

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