Why we love Toni & Guy!


Why we love Toni & Guy!

Toni & Guy have become one of the most powerful and influential hairdressing brands in the world because of their inventive, award-winning products. As the official sponsor of London Fashion Week, they’re responsible for creating and defining the hairstyles that debut on the catwalks.

These guys are fully focused on creativity, style and innovation when formulating fresh, new hair products to help you look your best and feel your most confident.

Dry Shampoos

I don’t know about you, but I can’t live without dry shampoo. What do you do when hairdressers advise you to only wash your hair 2-3 times a week but your hair looks like an oil slick?

Dry shampoo sees you through between washes, saving you from looking like a gross, greasy mess!

Toni & Guy make a range of different dry shampoos. Their Cleanse Dry Shampoo is a backstage secret weapon! Used by session stylists, it adds body, volume and texture and leaves no white residue as it absorbs oil and grease for fabulous freshness.


Toni & Guy's luxurious conditioners nourish and reinvigorate the hair for the sleekest of styles.

Their Intense Softness Conditioner is great for anyone who’s after nourishment and everyday manageability.

They also make a Volume Addiction Conditioner for ladies with fine hair to effectively condition the hair and simultaneously add gorgeous body and volume.

Brunette beauties out there should definitely check out their Nourish Conditioner. It’s specifically formulated to lock in colour, bring out a stunning shine and provide deep nourishment.


Toni & Guy are renowned for their creative, expectation-defying hairstyles. They make some pretty awesome styling products to help you become your own hair stylist!

Use their Forming Spray Gel to enhance waves and define layers whilst still enjoying natural movement, thanks to the pleasant, lightweight formula.

Don’t feel left out, guys! Toni & Guy also make a Hair Styling Glue for Men to keep your hair styles in place all day long and leave a nice, natural shine.


Toni & Guy need to ensure their catwalk hairstyles stay in place for those runway struts and modelling sessions. Count on their incredible, lightweight hairsprays to lock your hairstyles in place all day and all night!

If you’re after a good general hairspray, check out their Classic Medium Hold Hair Spray to control fly-aways and hold styles whilst still creating body and allowing natural movement.

If you’re after something a little more glam, their Glamour Firm Hold Hair Spray keeps hair in place throughout the day without it becoming stiff, with anti-static and anti-humidity protection to leave the hair with a luscious long-lasting shine!


For that shiny, high-gloss finish that’s free of frizz and static, give their Classic Shine Gloss Serum a try after blow drying.

Or if you’re just keen on a little something special to spritz through your hair for added shine, enhanced movement and reduced frizz, try their Radiating Tropical Elixir! This elixir also has UV protection to lessen the effect of sun damage. 

Check out our full range from Toni & Guy here!

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