With BYS’ Concealer Duo, you can hide and blur away the imperfections twice as fast.

This concealer givers you two application options to give you the best results imaginable. One end is a glide on stick designed to successfully cover darkness under the eyes. The other features a brush end applicator for finer detailed coverage including spots, redness and fine lines. A definite beauty essential to your makeup bag.

This concealer comes in a medium buff.

In order to find the best concealer colour for you skin, we suggest going for half a shade to a shade lighter than your original skin colour in order to successfully blur and hide dark imperfections.

This product delivers medium to full coverage and is cruelty free.

Made in PRC

To apply, place small dots of the concealer directly where dark areas and blemishes are present. To blend, gently pat the formula into the skin using a sponge or your fingertips. Do not tug or pull the skin.