Author: Amy Henderson   Date Posted: 11 October 2016 

Dang it LA. You have to go and pull a glam one on us. Again.

You’ve got Hollywood. You’ve got Malibu. You’ve got Katy Perry. And now we have to realise that you are home to one of the best nail polish visionaries in the world? Pah. Well, we won’t be bitter, we’ll get adoring. It’ll be better for our nails in the long run.


From where IT ALL BEGAN

It was 1975, Microsoft had just arrived, bell bottoms had weaved their way onto the minds and bods of the hip young things of the day and the cost of a new house was $40,000. Yeah, we know. Moving right along to the positives now. It was in this year that Jeff Pink, a pioneer in nail care and design came up with just a little look. A small, negligible look that came to be coined THE FRENCH MANICURE.


Rather HANDY

If we were to put our hands in anyone else’s hands, it should darn well be his. Jeff Pink went on to spearhead Orly and the rest is glistening, colourful, vivacious history. And glorious present. They are currently one hip, happening and ‘hello I want some’ brand.



Their colours are RIDICULOUS. We mean it. You have not seen such vibrant and intense colour since your dad tried to beat your brother at the 100m sprint on Anzac day. What can we say? VIBRANT COLOUR. Orly has been continuously perusing about the latest trends, corralling up a team of fiendishly talented experts and what has come from all of this?



There is a colour in Orly’s range for EVERYONE. From Grandma Valerie and her shimmery purple bedazzlement to the galaxy blue that your main girl Penelope, who is so a neo-hippie and can pull of anything, this line is THE GOODS. It’s extensive.

It is All About Quality.

And, it dries in the blink of your fluttering, alluring eyes. Who has the time to wave around their hands like a nutcase and fumble for their phone? Nah, nah, we’re all about the quick dry and that hot line bling.



Oh mah lawdy. Can anyone cope up in this place? This is the fire of a thousand suns trying to keep up with the passion of womankind. Poor suns, they do so try very hard. But nothing quite comes close to the heat of fabulous women knowing exactly what they want. Is it getting HAWT up in this place? Dayum!



Just caress it. Stroke it with your heart, eyes and nails. This colour is pastel bliss. Soft, coral and enchanting, it lives up to its name in delectable fashion. Cotton candy, it was quite the treat back in the day. This cannot continue. Stuck in the past, back in the day with all the fun and SUGAR? Nope. It shall be Every. Single. Day. Glam. To the. Bam. Cotton Candy on the regular babes.



Mama always said we should aim for the stars. Well, it’s about time they came to us. This shimmery vial of mesmerising sparkle speaks of those stars and galaxies and energy, galore. Damn straight we should all lather this goodness on our awaiting nails. Mmmhmm. 


Come see the full Orly range here!

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The Best Nail Polish

10 September 2016
Orly fantastic nail polish, stays on, great colours!!!!!! Hope you will always stock it. Regards Kim

The Best Nail Polish

10 September 2016
Orly fantastic nail polish, stays on, great colours!!!!!! Hope you will always stock it.

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