Author: Amy Henderson   Date Posted: 27 October 2016 

Running around being queens, building empires and generally slah-slah-slayin’ on the reg must be taxing on our skin, if we stop to think about it, which we don’t, because, well, ahem, building those empires takes TYYMME.

So we need to get smart. Smart, prepared, equipped and profesh. We are after all, divas with purpose, drive, and schedules that demand it all. How’s about we have it all. It’s time to demand products that will deliver the looks we’re after and pair that with a consistent and enriching skin care regimes.



Skin care, babes. IT IS SO IMPORTANTO!

You can highlight to high heaven but if your skin is going on strike, it’s time to pack up the show.

But hey, every girl wants her shimmer and you shall have your shimmer!

We’ve put on our googles, flown around beauty land and uncovered some gems that’ll have it all sorted out in a jiffy.





They are the shizz. The real good, organic, get those chemicals the heck away from us, kind of product. Their schtick is love, understanding and community. Sounds absolutely stellar to us and it dang well shines through their products. A skin care line that is actually good for you, without any hidden nasties? Yep, brb, we just need to lather this stuff on our faces. No guilt, no stress, all fun, all finish. Thank. You. Very. Much.

These will have you glowing more radiantly than a perfectly pampered babe. Your skin will be so lush. Mmmhmm. Tchyah.





These babes know how to turn up the bass, shaking it all up and setting the sparks a flying. It’ll be a whole different Christmas party this year. You sparkle phenom, you.




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