Hallo-queen How To: Daenerys Targaryen

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 24 October 2017 

Queen Daenerys, of House Targaryen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea and the Mother of Dragons, exudes natural beauty. The beauty of her fiery heart always shines through as she radiates her unique blend of fearlessness and kindness.

Internet style icon Carli Bybel recreated Queen Daenerys’ flawless look and today we’re going to be using her methods to show you how to pull off your own adaptation of this timeless look.

From Mereen to the Seven Kingdoms, through the terrors of the Dothraki to the edge of The Wall, you will always be the true Queen with this look!


Photo: Carli Bybel


A Blank Canvas


Ensure that you keep your face moisturised to prepare for this look. Use some sort of blurring primer like Maybelline’s Dream Smooth Primer Base or LA Girl’s Pro Prep HD Smoothing Face Primer before applying your foundation.

Conceal any blemishes, pigmentation and dark areas to brighten your features, and then set with powder before moving onto the next step.  


Statement-making Brows


Photo: Carli Bybel


We don’t know how a busy Queen like Daenerys has the time to keep her brows so dang lovely and maintained!

Groom your brows as you usually would, making sure to follow a straighter shape and refrain from arching them too much.

Increase the darkness and thickness by using a light hand to make quick, straight, upwards strokes.

Use a brow gel to add texture and fake the look of thicker, fuller brows. You can go for a clear gel to keep it super natural or a tinted gel to add more colour and darkness.      


Minimal Eyes



Because the eyes are comprised of colour washes and sultry shadows, we will be blending shades from NYX’s Love In Paris Madeleine’s and Macaroons and Let Them Eat Cake using a fluffy blending brush.

Blend a soft, muted pink (2) all over the lid and into the crease. Deepen this with a pinkish-beige shade (1), focusing on the crease.

Take a dustier pink (3) along the lower lash line, adding a light amount of peach (4) and blending that out with that light pink shade (2) until you’ve achieved soft, diffused edges.

Skip eyeliner, curl your lashes and apply 1-2 coats of mascara. If you wish to add lashes, stick to thin, lengthening lashes like Revlon’s Intensifeye Lengthen Eyelashes rather than thick, dramatic ones.


Natural Shadows and Pigmentation


Photo: Carli Bybel


Obviously Queen Daenery’s inherited the bronzed, chiselled features of royalty.

Using a bronzer or contouring powder, warm up your face and create subtle shadows along the hollows of your cheeks, the jawline, temples and hairline.

You can also shade along the sides of the nose and underneath the bottom lip to imitate a slender nose and fuller lips.

Add a touch of blush to the cheeks to create a natural glow without overpowering the look with highlight.

Take a natural lip liner like LA Girl’s Ultimate Lip Auto Liner in 342 Nonstop Nude to line and fill in your lips. Alternatively, you can opt for a nude matte lipstick like Ulta3’s Matte Lipstick in 032 Sandalwood.


Photo: Carli Bybel


Now all you need to is your subjects to pledge fealty and bend the knee!


Watch the original tutorial below, and come see Carli Bybel's 10 Color Eyeshadow and 4 Color Highlighter Palette from BH Cosmetics here!



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