How To Become The Contouring Queen!

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted:20 September 2017 

The aim of contouring is to emphasise depth and create dimension. But acing the art of contouring doesn’t happen through contouring alone. A perfectly chiselled look is attributed to the combined effort of both contour and highlight.

Since immaculate contouring is achieved through this combined effort, allow me to introduce you to the most efficient duo for a stunningly sculpted face!

LA Girl’s Pro Contour Powders and Creams are convenient little compacts that come with both a contour and a highlight, making your journey to ‘facial features à la Kardashian’ way easier!

They come as powders for polished looks and creams for a more precise contour, depending on what you’re after.

If you’ve ever searched the net for contouring tutorials, you may have heard of the ‘Draw two 3’s’ method. Though there is validity behind this idea, the method is pretty generalised and just leads to messy results if used for every face shape.



So intead, here’s our guide on pulling off the perfect contour for you


1. Apply face makeup before contouring so that you have a flawless base to work with.​


2. For the most natural results, make sure you’re using the right shades for your skin tone. Your contour should be two shades darker than your skin tone and your highlight should be two shades lighter.


3. Take a good look at your face in the mirror. You want to be applying contour to the areas where shadows appear naturally. This is typically along the hairline and temples, the hollows of the cheeks and along the jawline. You may also add some contour under your bottom lip to create the illusion of fuller lips, as well as along the ridges of your nose to give it a slimmer appearance.


4. If you’re having trouble finding the hollows of your cheeks, suck your cheeks in as you would when making a funny fish face.  The sunken area is where the contour would go. Alternatively, place two fingers on your cheekbones and feel around until you find the dip and apply your contour along there.


5. Make sure to blend out cream contour with a dampened blending sponge. Powders applied with a fluffy brush should already have been blended whilst applying, but if your lines still seem harsh, blend them out until you’re happy with the results.


6. Looking in the mirror, identify the points where the light naturally hits your face. These are the high points that you will be highlighting. These areas are typically the cheekbones, nose bridge, cupid’s bow and the centre of the forehead and chin.


7. To really accentuate your natural features, take the remaining highlight and apply it along the brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes. This draws light to your eyes and emphasises the arches of your brows.


8. Most importantly, be sure to set any cream products with a loose powder so all of that hard work doesn’t go to waste! 


Pick up an LA Girl Pro Contour Powder or Cream here, and be sure to check out our other contouring and highlighting products!

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