Clean and dry your brushes in SECONDS!

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 28 August 2018 

Urgh- grimy foundation covered brushes getting in the way of your makeup game? No time for a messy and time-consuming brush cleaning ritual? Take the hassle out of makeup brush cleaning with this new and innovative product from Paris Glam.


Okay, ladies. Raise your hand if you’ve cleaned your makeup brushes in the last month. Now put your hand back down because you and I both know that’s a complete lie.

Not one person I know cleans their makeup brushes as frequently as they should (and FYI, neither do I. No shame here!).

The makeup-brush-cleaning ritual is a complete bore, not to mention incredibly messy and time-consuming.

Thankfully, a quirky new brush cleaning gimmick has made its way onto the beauty scene sparking quite a bit of conversation on social media.



The Paris Glam Makeup Brush Cleanser is an extremely convenient, ridiculously simple, makeup brush cleaning gadget that uses centrifugal spin technology to clean and dry your brushes in seconds.

With a swift dip and the press of a button, rid your makeup brushes of makeup, bacteria, oils and other nasty build-up without the time-consuming drying process.

You can literally sit this glorious gadget next to you while you do your makeup and clean your brushes as you switch between different shades. Yes, it dries that quickly!



Though this product would have initially gained traction on social media for being an interesting new gimmick and hot viral trend, it really does work.

Verified reviewer Marg gave our Paris Glam Makeup Brush Cleanser a generous five stars, writing:

“What a brilliant machine and it really works. Cleans and dries brushes so quickly.”



The Paris Glam Makeup Brush Cleanser is battery-operated and comes with a fitted plastic bowl for a mess-free clean-up process after use.

Get $100 off recommended retail price by purchasing the Paris Glam Makeup Brush Cleanser for just $29.95!

Save your precious time and rescue your pores from those dirty old brushes once and for all. It’s cleaning time!


Click here to get your very own Paris Glam Makeup Brush Cleanser!


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Lovely to have Clean Brushes But!

By: Amanda Z on 1 October 2018
One part of me says, This brush cleaner might be a nice handy tool but the other part of me asks will this cleaning process shorten the life of my brushes? Also there is no mention of removing the brushes to rinse or even change the water.

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