Product of the Week: BH Cosmetics Luxe Lacquer Vivid Colour Lipstick

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 28 December 2017 

The makeup world had become engulfed by a perpetual need to achieve a sleek, matte finish over the last two years. This ideal applies to eyeshadows, lip colours and nail polishes alike.

Basically, matte was the new black.

Though the matte look is incredibly versatile and undeniably classy, it’s about time we brought some shine back in our lives.

By shine, we don’t mean those super sticky glosses that dominated the 90s. You know, those glorious glosses that our hair would stick to on a windy day? Yeah, those can stay in the 90s ...

We mean dazzling shine that glistens just as much as those tacky glosses but with high definition pigmentation and top-quality formulas that don’t become a magnet for hair, food and whatever else our lips come into contact with.



The Luxe Lacquer Vivid Colour Lipsticks from BH Cosmetics embody everything we love about those high shine lip glosses with the creamy texture and full coverage results that a lipstick provides. In other words, they’re complete and utter magic.

As the name suggests, these lippies feel amazingly luxurious, make your lips look as though they’ve been hit with some ultra-glossy lacquer with the dazzling shine they provide and leaves you with some captivatingly vivid colour.

Not only will your lips be glowing, but they will feel just as hydrated as they look. The formula of these gloss-lipstick hybrids has been packed with nourishing aloe vera, coconut and olive oil, which are renowned for their moisturising properties.

But it doesn’t end there. The formula also includes antioxidant CoQ10 which is known to have anti-ageing benefits. CoQ10 reduces potential damage by promoting energy production in the skin cells. It also reduces any UV ray-related damage and lessens the depth of wrinkles.

Just when we thought these lippies couldn’t possibly get any better, they totally did.

The Luxe Lacquer Vivid Colour Lipsticks from BH Cosmetics are available in a variety of pink, brown and red shades. All the classic tones you need for a glamorous, well-put-together look.


Have a look at our selection of Luxe Lacquer lippies and grab your fave shade for just $10.99!

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