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Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 27 September 2017 

Frequent online shoppers would be familiar with the significance and usefulness of product reviews. They can save you from wasting your hard earned cash on underwhelming products and can alert your attention to incredible must-haves!

We have recently introduced product reviews to our website for customers of all ages, backgrounds and locations to leave their genuine feedback on products.

This is also a fantastic way to leave your experience and advice for other buyers who may be in a similar position to you.

Say, for instance, you were prone to oily skin and purchased an oil-neutralising face wash. You could recount your experience with the product and also offer your advice to anyone else who suffers from oily skin by explaining how you achieved optimal results by, for example, using a cleansing sponge in conjunction with the face wash.

At Cosmetic Capital, we value the idea of an informative cosmetic community where beauty goers can interact and share their experiences, opinions and personal tips and tricks with one another.

To leave a review, locate your product of choice and scroll down and click the ‘Write A Review’ option. Then, a form will come up for you to leave your honest review as well as a rating from one to five stars. You will also be given the option to fill out a short personal profile to help other shoppers find the reviews that are the most relevant to them.

Remember to make your reviews as detailed and informative as possible as this will really help out your fellow shoppers!

When leaving a rating, remember that 3/5 stars is your average point, meaning that the product satisfied your expectations and did its described job. From there, 4/5 would indicate that the product was above average and better than expected and 5/5 would imply that the product was absolutely wonderful.

In reverse, 2/5 stars suggests that the product fell short of your expectations and 1/5 stars expresses your disappointment in a product’s poor performance.

The customer reviews feature has already been well received with tonnes of our trusted buyers leaving fantastic reviews. Here are a few of our highest reviewed products!


BYS Berries Eyeshadow Palette


Absolutely love this!!! Can not fault it!!” – Nicole C.



VS Sassoon Deep Retro Glam Ceramic Waver


After acquiring a mid-length bob I was looking for a tool to give me some body and movement. Three tools later (yes, three!) I purchased the Deep Retro Glam Ceramic Waver. It gave me the look I was after quickly and easily. Another plus? It was less than $30.” – Anne S.



Ulta3 Illuminating Primer


Absolutely fantastic. The shimmer was gorgeous. In the sunlight my face shone like a diamond. I'm very happy with it.” – Anushka G.



We value your genuine feedback and strive to provide you with the highest performing products to make your days a little more beautiful. Feel free to write a review to help out your fellow shoppers and also help us to ensure that we continue to deliver the best products for you!

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