The low down on LA Girl’s Luxury Creme Lipsticks

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 7 April 2018 

You can count on LA Girl’s Luxury Creme Lipsticks for a long-lasting pop of colour with the added bonus of nourishment and hydration.

But what makes these lipsticks stand out from other creme lipsticks on the market?



Rich pigmentation


There’s nothing more annoying than finally finding your dream lip colour, then having it fall short to what you had originally seen it in the tube.

Pigmentation issues are prominent in creme lipsticks, particularly moisturising ones like this one. But with LA Girl’s Luxury Creme Lipsticks you’ll have no problem achieving that ultra-rich pigmentation.

With just a glide or two, you’ll be able to witness these vibrant lipsticks in all their glory.



True colour pay-off


Ever buy what you thought was a salmon-pink lipstick and ended up with bright coral lips? Me too, sis.

Coral lips isn’t the issue here. The issue lies in the untrue colour pay off.

Lipstick, you liar! How dare you!

But never feer. You won’t have to worry about any unwanted hidden colours with these lipsticks!



Excellent formula


Patchy lips? No thanks. Harsh application? Bye, bye.

The beautiful creme formula of the LA Girl Luxury Creme Lipsticks is enough to have you swooning. Not only do they apply exceptionally smoothly, but they feel super lightweight on the lips.



Nourishing ingredients


If you were wondering why the formula is so good, this is why.

LA Girl enriched these lipsticks with highly moisturising ingredients Aloe, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. That means smooth application, comfortable wear, and lip-hydrating benefits as you wear it.



Extended wear-time


Unlike liquid lipsticks, creme lipsticks (especially moisturising ones) can struggle in the wear-time department.

In a review written by Janna Joshelle, she reports that the darker shades in the LA Girl Luxury Creme range last a decent four to six hours, while the lighter shades last an acceptable three to four hours.

For creme lipsticks, that’s pretty good!



Extensive colour selection


An avid beauty enthusiast will tell you that a girl cannot simply have one pink, one brown and one red. Nuh-uh.

Firstly, there are so many different degrees of lightness and darkness in the colour spectrum and a variety of undertones out there. 

The LA Girl Luxury Creme Lipsticks provide you with a pretty extensive colour selection. You’re bound to find several flattering shades for your skin tone.  



Thoughtful packaging and design


These lipsticks feature your typical twist-top design with a flat, sharp, slanted tip and rounded edge for precision when applying.

The clear caps snap shut for secure, hygienic storage, and are also great for easily identifying shades.

The shiny black encasement is embellished with hot pink metallic cursive writing, making these lipsticks super sleek yet adorably feminine. You’ll love having these in your collection.



The best part of these lipsticks however, has to be the fact that they’re only $4.95. For the quality you’re getting, that’s more than reasonable.

I know what my next lipstick collection is going to be!


Check out our selection of LA Girl Luxury Creme lipsticks here!

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