Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 5 February 2017 

Revlon’s brand new Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor’s could potentially be your new best friend. The slim packaging makes these lipsticks exceptionally easy to carry around with you for reapplication and on-the-go glam!



They come in a variety of shades from neutral yet stunningly classy beige’s such as HD Sand to vibrant, statement-making shades like HD Lava. The high definition colour and intense pigmentation will work in anyone’s favour and compliment every skin tone.


The formula is just the right amount of both creamy and slick while still being lightweight to make application an absolute pleasure. Its slimline and precise points ensure a much more defined application for an on-point pout.  


The sleek and metallic packaging may have been implemented to highlight easily the best part of this product other than the fantastic colour pay off – the shine.


Not only is the shine absolutely gorgeous but it’s also extremely hydrating. Who doesn’t love a good win-win?


The hydration boost comes from hyaluronic acid which is a glycosaminoglycan.


A glycosa-what now? Stay with me.


It’s a crucial natural substance that promotes the skins youthful properties, reducing fine lines and keeping the skin looking and feeling softer and smoother as well as regularly renewed.


Hyaluronic acid is also excellent for drawing in and retaining moisture, which will ensure your lips look and feel great.


I told you this product will work in your favour!


So, if your handbags looking for a new tenant and you’re looking for a new partner in crime that’s fresh off the markets, I’d recommend you check out this product. It gives you lively, stunning colour with a pleasant hint of shine. As well as that, they have a slight tropical and fruity scent.


Added bonus! These Lipcolor’s make a statement while remaining oh so classy and are sure to have you strutting proudly with radiating confidence. Work it, girl!


Available in 13 shades:

700 Sand, 705 Dawn, 715 Arabica, 725 Sunset, 730 Tropical, 735 Garden, 740 Coral, 745 Rhubarb, 750 Lava, 755 Adobe, 760 Vineyard, 765 Blossom and 770 Twilight.


Check them out here


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