Why pampering is important, and how to get started

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 13 September 2017 

Many of us will reject the idea of pampering ourselves because it seems conceited, superficial and self-indulgent. Some of us would love to engage in a session of self-care but are too busy to do so, leaving our much needed me-time at the dark, dusty bottom of our to-do lists.

There’s nothing selfish about taking care of yourself. Setting 10 minutes aside at least once a week is vital for our sanity and wellbeing. Spending a little time pampering yourself will help you feel good about yourself, promote confidence and encourage a sense of self-love.

If you can’t remember the last time you pampered yourself and need new equipment to do so, or you’re just keen to revamp your self-care routine with new products, Con Air’s loved and trusted products are definitely worth considering.   



True Glow Facial Sauna


This facial sauna rejuvenates the skin in just two steps.

First, the warm steam clears out any clogged pores and softens dead skin cells. Then, the cool mist closes pores to prevent future breakouts and hydrate the skin. After this process, your skin will be smoother and softer than you can imagine.

With five alternative timer settings and auto-shut off, receive a personalised treatment with the timing that best suits you. You can opt for threeminutes on busy days or lap up all the luxury in a thorough 15-minute sauna-sesh. Unlike facial treatments from the spa, you’re in charge here!



True Glow Lighted Beauty Mirror


This trendy and exceptionally convenient mirror will help you create precise makeup looks. A magnifying mirror like this is essential for ladies who do their own eyebrows!

The True Glow Beauty Mirror is illuminated with soft, halo lighting and has 3x magnification to help you remove the tiniest of hairs.

It utilises lifetime energy-saving LED bulbs that consume 70% less energy than regular light bulbs.

The mirror also has a hidden compartment that’s perfect for holding grooming tools such as tweezers for added convenience.  



Body Benefits Pamper Pack


The Body Benefits Pamper Pack comes with a deep cleansing facial sauna as well as an eight-piece manicure and pedicure set for gorgeous looking nails!

The warm, gentle steam draws out impurities and unclogs pores. The mask is perfectly shaped for a comfortable session of pampering and concentrated results.

The mani-pedi set comes with seven spinning attachments to shape, buff, shine and perfect your nails. To really replicate those salon results, put on your favourite nail polish and seal the deal with a top coat.  Just remember to use a base coat!

Along with those products, adding a good face mask, hair mask and body kit like the Orla Kiely Sage Lavender Body Kit to your self-care routine will also do you the world of good. 



Don’t forget to love yourself, ladies.

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