Summmmeeeerrrrr. Babes, it is so close. We can almost taste it on the tip of our tongues, feel it swish up our swaying, glorious, free flowing locks and dance upon the sunbeams of our eyes.

It’s that real, you know, you get all this. ‘Apparently’, according to the powers that be, summer officially begins when December shuffles it’s very anticipated self into our midst. We’ll see about that.

As we know from the OC, summer does whatever the heck she wants.

And she sure loves to party.

Be the life of it, be the sass of it and she does it with such fabby fabulicious style. So, basically, we love her and she is the shizzz. So, in lieu of what we know about summer from the appropriate source, we might as well celebrate her right now. And get the hell ready for what she’s gonna bring. Let’s do this.


Ahava – Mineral sun care Anti Aging Facial Moisturiser

Think of the healthiest thing you could ever eat but super sun resistant, super water resistant, with an active ingredient of seaweed. Yeah, this stuff doesn’t hold any of those natural punches. We’re talking all up in Dead Sea minerals, seaweed, essential vitamins. This stuff is quick absorbing and your new best friend.

Invisible zinc – 4hr Water resistant Spf 30+

Our favourite summer looks are the white witch or Rudolph the red nosed I forgot to protect my face from the sun’s death rays and now I am incredibly sad and very, very sore. Said no one ever. This zinc is INVISIBLE. Which means its magic. It repels water for 4 hours, is UVA + UVB protective, is super kind to sensitive skin and contains no titanium dioxide. Yuss.

Le Tan - Classic Lotion SPF 30

Here’s the thing though, Australia has no ozone layer. Other countries, they’re frolicking under theirs. Ever wondered why the Brits are so pale? Yeah, it’s because they have a healthy, thicker than Bulla’s cream for scones, Ozone layer. This stuff is SPF 30 (so a tan can be a thing, don’t you fret), is light, non-greasy and PABA free. Layer. This. On.

Le Tan – Coconut Spray SPF 50

It’s actually a bit of a problem. This stuff smells so good. Like really, we’ve been smelling it the whole morning. Eh, addictions are fine when they are coconut obsession and para free. So we’re gonna just keep on being obsessed with this dame. Oh and the natural tanning effect is just fab. Mmmk, tanning regime is on cue and hue.

Salon Tan – Green Based formula – body lotion (skin care + self-tan)

Oh my garsh this is the shizz. Skin care + self-tanning. What more have we ever asked for? It smells like nature and delivers the goods. Amazing. Vitamin E + sunflower seed oil condition and moisturise the skin, antioxidants protect against that harsh environment you frolic in, all the while leaving you with a damn fine natural looking tan. Hello, yes, done.

Lip balm – NYX COLOUR LIP BALM Merci 01

All that drinking, eating, laughing, pouting and having fun in the sun takes its toll on the lips. Be smart and look damn fine & nourished with this gem. Moisturises up a luscious look while delivering hydrating bliss.

BB Crème – Rimmel BB Cream SPF 25

Here’s the sitch. This bottle of heaven primes, moisturises, minuses pores, conceals, covers, smooths, mattifies, brighten and protects against that rogue sun. It’s lightweight and has SPF25 protection. It’s a miracle and now part of your beauty basic squad. Ka-ching!

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