Confidence is something that we all struggle with, especially in this digital age where we log onto Instagram and are bombarded by stunning models with flawless skin. Though we blame airbrushing and Photoshop for the perfect skin we see plastered on billboards and magazines, we all wish we could make our skin just that little bit clearer.

Fortunately, Clearasil and Neutrogena make a range of fantastic, dermatologically tested products that address and correct all our skin care annoyances that keep holding us back. Pair these products with Vanity Planet’s ingenious cleansing systems and you’ll be on your way to the clearer, fresher face you’ve been wishing for.

We’ve devised two tailored programs for a gentle everyday cleanse and an oil-fighting deep clean.

Gentle everyday cleansing routine

Goal: Clean, fresh, glowing skin with reduced blemishes and brighter complexion.

Solution:Neutrogena’s Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Daily Wash Pump

Paired with:Vanity Planet’s Pure Spin

A little goes a long way with Neutrogena’s Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Daily Wash. Just one pump of this product lathers effortlessly, gently unclogging pores and providing a long lasting matte effect without over drying the skin.

By correcting the overabundance of oil, your skin’s natural glow is revealed.

This wash soothes and calms aggravated skin and will work to brighten your complexion with each use. The yummy tangerine and lime scents are the perfect citrusy essences to give you the most refreshing and enjoyable cleansing experience.

Use this wash with Vanity Planet’s Pure Spin – an advanced facial clarity system that revives the skin, combatting dryness, clearing dead skin cells and protecting your skins luminosity for a gorgeously radiant complexion.

Deep clean routine

Goal: Deep cleanse and exfoliation that combats oiliness, stopping breakouts in their tracks.

Solution: Clearasil’s Ultra Rapid Action Gel Wash and Deep Pore Treatment Toner

Paired with: Vanity Planet’s Spin for Perfect Skin

Clearasil’s Ultra Rapid Action range works to fight breakouts promptly and stop those suckers from getting any worse. Their gel wash is clinically proven to correct oily skin and reduce the appearance of breakouts within 12 hours of use. A little goes a long way with this heavy duty product so use sparingly!

Use this wash with Vanity Planet’s Spin for Perfect Skin for an extensive clean and really take down those pesky breakouts.

After cleansing, take the Deep Pore Treatment Toner on a cotton pad. This toner contains salicylic acid, an anti-irritating exfoliant that gets right into the pores to maintain that smooth freshness the gel wash provides and takes it up a notch. Pat on the face rather than wiping to prevent over-drying the skin.

Remember, it is imperative to follow a cleansing routine up with a good moisturiser to prevent any dryness or coarseness from setting in and you should always conduct an allergy patch test before introducing any new products to your skin.

Good skin forms the basis of good makeup looks and is the first step to exuding confidence. Check out our complete range of skin care products here.

And don't forget to read more about Vanity Planet here

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