Get the most out of your beauty bucks


Get the most out of your beauty bucks

Only real beauty lovers know how quickly the shopping cart total can add up. From our makeup to our manicures and our skincare needs, we can rack up a hefty bill in the hundreds in no time. So understandably, if there’s any way we can get more bang for our buck, we’re going to take it!

Cosmetic Capital shoppers know that we’re passionate about helping you save on your favourite brands and beauty products. We discount wherever and whenever we can in order to give you the best deal possible.

But if you’re looking for the best way to save on our site, you need to know about our exclusive gift packs.

Our exclusive gift packs allow you to spend less and get more. Dreams really do come true!

Not only are our exclusive gift packs excellent for scoring some exceptional value, but they also make awesome last-minute gift ideas.

We’ve hand picked some of our favourite gift packs to share with you today. Take a look!

Compacts For Days Beauty Set

$29.95 (Valued at $171.80)

Compacts make life so simple. Instead of shuffling through our makeup bags, compacts keep every colour and shade at our fingertips.

This beauty set provides us with three Makeover Essentials compacts for the eyes, lips and face and your 15 must-have makeup brushes in the form of a convenient and stylish faux-leather Vanity Planet roll-out pouch.

All I Want Is Maybelline Gift Pack

$24.95 (Valued at $135)

Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe she’s beaming with radiance after getting eight awesome Maybelline products whilst saving over $100!

This magnificent gift pack comes with three eye-defining liners, a universally flattering nude lip color, a deep gold strobing liquid and three stunning shades of Maybelline’s best-selling Color Sensational Vivid Hot Lip Lacquers.

All I Want For Christmas Is Essie

$9.95 (Valued at $67.80)

Christmas 2018 might be over, but nail polish never goes out of season.

This Essie-llent gift pack comes with four super stylish nail colours that will see you through summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Cult Makeup Experience Pack

$69.95 (Valued at $157.45)

Is your bestie a budding beauty guru? What better way to support them than with their very own cult makeup experience?

This pack is full of Instagram-worthy goods from the brands their favourite influencers have gushed over including NYX, J.Cat Beauty, LA Girl and more.

We currently have over 30 specially curated gift packs available.

Check them out here and get the most out of your beauty bucks!

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