How to make your nails longer and stronger


How to make your nails longer and stronger

We all know that girl. The girl who always seems to have perfect nails no matter what she’s doing or what time of year it is. We break a nail just by waking up in the morning, yet this girl could probably walk through a raging blizzard and still come out with pristine nails.

How does she do it?

She’ll most likely put it down to genetics or a good diet. Staying hydrated and eating foods that are rich in protein will certainly make a difference to the state of your nails, as well as improving your health overall, of course!  

But there are some pro-nail-health habits she’s possibly implementing, such as keeping her hands and nails as dirt-free as possible and trying to wear gloves whenever she’s exposing her hands to water or chemicals for an extended period of time. For example, when washing dishes, tending the garden etc.

I know most of us are too strapped for time to uphold a good nail care routine and we’re after the quickest solution to slot into our busy schedules.

Achieving strong, healthy nails takes persistence and a tonne of patience. But thankfully, Nutra Nail have created some incredible products to help us along!

With their comprehensive range of nail treatment products, they definitely know how to rescue the most brittle of nails. So many happy customers have recounted their positive experiences, saying that Nutra Nail’s products are what ended their desperate search for a solution to revive their weak nails.

Here are our top recommendations for rectifying weak nails with Nutra Nail!

For hardening thin, flimsy nails: Nutra Nail’s Nail Hardener with Green Tea

If your nails are soft and bendable, you probably have to deal with tearing and peeling quite often.

Combining the strength of silk and nylon fibres with green tea antioxidants, this nail hardener protects nails, prevents any further damage from occurring and seals the nails with a lovely high-gloss finish.

Super anti-oxidants nourish and strengthen the nails, helping them to become harder, firmer and stronger.

For strengthening brittle nails that tend to break and crack: Nutra Nail’s Olive Oil Nail & Cuticle Treatment

This light, non-greasy treatment penetrates deep into the nail and cuticle, bringing hydration, moisture and nourishment to brittle nails and dry, rough cuticles.

Containing 100% natural olive oil – a super antioxidant that’s abundant in Vitamin A, D, K and E and Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, as well as Vitamin C and cranberry oil for added hydration, this treatment will restore natural moisture, condition and protect the nails. 

For stubborn nails that just won’t seem to grow: Nutra Nail’s 5 to 7 Day Growth Calcium Formula

This water-based growth treatment quickly absorbs into the nails and guarantees visible results in the matter of days!

With the help of protein, calcium and multi-vitamins, this formula penetrates into weak nails and equips them with all the strengthening nutrients needed to grow without tearing, peeling, breaking or cracking.

To check out more of Nutra Nail’s fantastic nail-care treatments and awesome manicure products, click here!

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