Your need-to-know trends for 2018


Your need-to-know trends for 2018

With each season comes the unique trends set to dominate the following months.

This summer is all about bright colours, vibrancy and glitter. We’re also seeing a shift in preference of finishes, as well as less interest in an intricately carved physique.

Since summer’s only just begun, you still have two whole months to have fun experimenting with these new trends. Here’s all you need to know.

Glitter ain’t going nowhere!

Our obsession with glow slowly shifted into a passion for glitter by the end of 2017, and that love affair is anything but over.

Beauty-goers are still incorporating as much glitter into their looks as they possibly can whether it’s to embellish the eyes and lips, spread across the cheeks and décolletage, accent their nails or even spray in their hair.

So no need to put those glitters away yet. You’ve still got plenty of time!

Rose-gold? We’ll take pastel

2017 also saw the transition from an intense desire for all things rose-gold to the unicorn and mermaid trend.

What do these trends have in common besides mythical (uh, I mean, totally real) creatures? Pastels.

When you remove all the glitters and holographic finishes, pastels are at the heart of these trends.

Pastel colours have now made their way onto runways and have taken over the décor world with some adorable home furnishing items on the market.

If you’re not a pastel girl, try incorporating some neon shades into your summer style. They’re just as relevant this season and always go down a treat in the warmer months. 

Photo: MonicaRoseMUA

I’m not sunburnt, it’s called blush, duh

Ditch the bronzed look and delight the apples of your cheeks with some beautiful blush.

I told you this season was all about colour!

By the looks of things, the beauty world seems to be putting contour on the back burner with a new focus on bringing out the blush, and it’s about darned time!

Mastering a contour is hard work, man!

Matte finishes don’t matte-er anymore

See what I did there?

No matter what, there’s no denying that a good matte lip is super sophisticated. It totally completes a glam look and is perfect for the office.

But the matte obsession was taking over. From a totally matte complexion, to shadows and powders that were void of all glitter, to lips that crusted with all that matte-ness and even nail colours that were forbidden to shine.

Maybe I’m just a bitter because I could never pull off the matte lip thing and I prefer shiny nails but all I know is, gloss is back, baby!

So, to all the ladies out there who miss their high-shine glosses and metallic shadows, this should come as excellent news!

And the biggest trend of all that still applies each and every year …

Sun protection!

Wear your SPF sunscreens and bring a hat if you need to.

Sun protection is sexy, okay? So, don’t skip it!

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