How to get the New Year’s look featuring 2017’s hottest trends


How to get the New Year’s look featuring 2017’s hottest trends

With all the glitz and glam that comes along with New Year’s Eve, December 31st is your night to stand out.

Aylin Melisa teaches her viewers how to slay their New Year’s Eve festivities with this ultra-glam look. It’s the perfect look to summarise 2017 style, featuring the almighty Instagram-dominating cut-crease, glitters (which blew up this year, alongside anything that remotely glowed) and desirable smokiness which never goes out of style. 

Today, we’ll be referring to our own products to help you create your own rendition of Aylin’s stunning look. 

When it comes to glittery makeup looks, it’s advisable to skip foundation and jump straight to the eyes. This will make it easier to remove fall-out later on.

For shadows, we’ll be referring to the following shades of the Revlon ColorStay Not Just Nudes Palette in Passionate Nudes.

1. After priming and setting the eyes, take shade (1) on a fluffy blending brush and buff it into the crease in circular motions.

2. Do the same with shade (2) to add more warmth to the crease and create a seamless transition for the next shade.

3. Take shade (3) on a smaller blending brush, or the same one with a lighter hand. Gently apply that deeper into the crease to add more depth to the eye and smokiness.

4. With a flat angled eyeliner brush, take shade (4) and carefully draw a line where you want your cut-crease to be. Blend that out gently with a fluffy pencil brush or small blending brush.

5. Take a light concealer on a flat eyeshadow brush and cut the crease along the line you initially created. Fill in the entire lid.

6. Take shade (5) on that same flat eyeshadow brush and pack it on the lid. Don’t worry if it isn’t shiny enough – we’ll be adding glitter!

7. Complete the general look by smoking shade (3) out along the lower lash line after running a black eyeliner pencil along the waterline, then create a thin winged line along the upper lash line.

8. On a flat eyeshadow brush, take Mermaid Salon Seashells Pressed Glitter in Templar and pack it onto the lid and winged edge of the cut-crease. Glitter will better adhere to the eyes if used with an eye-safe glue or primer.

9. Then on that same brush, pack Jerusalem onto the outer half, making sure to blend it into Templar as best as possible. This step isn’t essential but it definitely adds more dimension to the look.

10. Go over any glitter that may have fallen onto your winged liner and sweep away any fall-out before applying your face makeup as normal.

11. Complete your look with some groomed brows, mascara or dramatic falsies, killer contour, a light glossy lip and highlight that’s brighter than the Sydney Harbour Bridge on New Year’s Eve!

Happy new year!

Watch Aylin’s tutorial below.

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