Grace Cole: The brand behind British beauty


Grace Cole: The brand behind British beauty

From their enticing fragrance combinations, luxuriously indulgent ingredients and their elaborate, feminine product design, Grace Cole’s products are the definition of royalty.

These premium pampering products are top quality and extremely affordable, making them the perfect option for birthday and Christmas presents, as well as for self-indulging without a horrifyingly hefty price tag.

They cover all avenues from enhancing your everyday bathing, maximising your moisturising rituals and relieving your tension.

Here are some products worth checking out!


Grace Cole Warm Vanilla & Fig Spa Heaven ($19.95)

Spa Heaven includes your bathing essentials – foam bath, body scrub, body wash, bar soap and a body ball, but it also includes body lotion to rehydrate the skin immediately after towel drying.

The oriental fragrance combination is warm and spicy yet pleasantly relaxing.

For $19.95, this pack is a total steal.


Grace Cole Sweet Peony & Vanilla Precious Body Polish, Butter and Polisher ($14.95)

Treat your skin to an intense session of moisturising with the Sweet Peony & Vanilla Essential Luxury pack from Grace Cole’s Signature Collection.

This pack relaxes, renews and restores the skin by exfoliating dead skin cells and rejuvenating the skin that lies beneath, all whilst leaving behind a lovely scent of sweet peony and vanilla. Delish!

Foot Care

Grace Cole Wild Fig & Cranberry Cosy Treats Foot Lotion and Socks ($9.95)

Soften coarse feet whilst enduring some well-deserved relaxation with this super convenient foot care pack.

Nourish your feet with the scrumptious Wild Fig & Cranberry lotion and allow it to slowly absorb by putting on the adorable, fluffy socks that come with it.

Imagine that after a hard day of work. Ah, so relaxing …


Grace Cole Fresh Lavender Ultimate Indulgence ($34.95)

If you weren’t already aware, lavender contains relaxation properties that relieve stress, tension and aid in sleeplessness. If you haven’t already incorporated it in your night-time bathing ritual, you seriously need to!

If you like the sounds of deep relaxation and soaking in a lavender-infused bath, you need to get your hands on this pack pronto!

It includes foam bath, body wash, body polish, body cream and three bath fizzers as well as a wooden massager and soft flannel.

Allow the relaxing scents of lavender to fill your bathroom absorb into your pores and calm your tension.

Stocking Stuffers

Grace Cole Frosted Cherry & Vanilla Range ($9.95 ea)

Believe it or not, we’re only 12 weeks away from Christmas.

Don’t panic, you still have time to buy those Christmas presents and send your letter off to Santa asking for the iPhone X and two plane tickets to Hawaii, no rush!

However, it’s never too early to start ticking things off the list.

Whether you go for the Perfect Pamper Duo or the Sweet Treats Pack, these sets make perfect stocking stuffers with their yummy, Christmassy scents and festive red and white packaging.

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