Sally Hansen happened, is happening and will continue to happen. It began when the skirts were out to ‘here’ and the hair was buffed to the highest heights. When the Joan’s, Betty’s and Peggy’s of the world slayed in their gorgeously bold dresses, bringing down those mad men one hip sway at a time. It was when DNA was discovered and Audrey Hepburn SLAYED.

Poodle skirts actually became a thing and a car cost $1300. Everyone became obsessed with space and Elvis’ wobbling knees made everyone weak at them. Sally Hansen and those damn fine nails were the thread through it all.

Forget Harry, when WE MET SALLY

Sally Hansen has built an empire on QUALITY. She was a damsel who created for damsels, and then she and everyone realised they weren’t damsels, they were damn fine fashionistas who could, would and must call the shots.

Why we LOVE our Sally

Darling Sally is all up in the knowledge, quality, competitive pricing and ease.

Know what your nails need gurl. Demand what your nails need. Make sure it doesn’t break the bank and apply with elegance and perfection. This is Sally Hansen. We will have our Sally Hansen, on, the, regular mmmk!

Marilyn, Marilyn! We’ll talk later. We’re off to meet SALLY

Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Nail Color Deluxe

Drool. Think midnight sailing in the Bahamas, thank you very much. Stare into this divas depths and you may not come back out again. We’re ok to risk it. Some colours are worth it.

Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Nail Color Lush

More luscious than a spa weekend in the Peruvian highlands. If Kylie Jenner’s lips were to wed Angelina Jolie-Pitt’s aura they might just produce something along the lines of Lush. So lush. So hush. It is so, so ush.

Sally Hansen Insta Dri Nail Colour Colour Me Good

So European vaca in Greece, mmhmm. We’ve been hit with the vision, you, your nails decked in this pastel GOODDESS of a dream, that vintage bike you pick up for a steal and handsome Adonis riding side saddle. You’re not fussed, it’s super casual, it’s a summer fling k?

Sally Hansen Insta Dri Nail Color Street Cred

So fun. So fetch. So ‘you have no problems, bills or need for a brazilian’ kind of a colour. You are the phenomena on the DF. You are laughter personified. You are the disco-ball of your generation.

Sally Hansen Professional Salon Tools Acrylic & Nail Scissors

Venus was totes peeved when Cupid got all sassy about her nails being all jagged. She got equipped and she got even. When the stakes are high you don’t risk using mortal tools. These scissors can shape even the toughest of artificial and natural immortal nails. So yeah, kitty cat got claws. Very styled, perfect and glossing to boss-ing claws. Mmk.

Sally Hansen Nail Shaper

Practically, the goods. We may have the biggest dream in the candy floss maze but if them nails ain’t shaped, there is just, no, point. Plus, we’re giddy at the designs of these beauties. So Art deco. Much style.

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