The lashes we love right now


The lashes we love right now

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then lashes must be the curtains that frame these beautiful windows.

When it comes to eye makeup, lashes, especially false ones, can do wonders in finishing off a look. With just some extra volume to your lashes, your eyes immediately pop and become the centre of attention, while filling in the uneven gaps of your natural lashes.

But are they really all that hot?


We understand that they look intimidating to put on but once you start, you’ll never go back. After warming up to their charm, falsies will be your best friend for life!

Unlike your natural lashes, false lashes don’t stick together, don’t clump or smear with mascara, are easy to remove and give anyone a finished look. Health wise, if you suffer from lash breakage from brittle mascara, falsies can act as a protective barrier.

False lashes are also a great alternative option for permanent eyelash extensions, which often come with skin irritations.

If you’re a first-timer to false lashes, here are two of our favourite brands that have a variety of falsies for any look.

red cherry Eyelashes

For an assortment of natural to bold looking lashes, red cherry Eyelashes has your back.

From whispy, voluminous, uneven to feathery, red cherry stocks a collection of different lengths, textures and thickness suitable for a heap of daytime and evening looks. red cherry lashes are handmade and crafted from 100% human hair or high-quality synthetic fibres, and reusable for everyday use.

Great for beginners and beauty veterans alike, red cherry lashes are celebrated for their easy application, due to the slender and flexible lash band. Each lash design has a distinct look, thus you have the option to obtain similar to layered lengths for a natural appeal.

And better yet, a pair of red cherry Eyelashes will only cost $9.99!


We love our Australian makeup and BYS have once again rescued our eyes with their amazing lashes.

BYS offers a variety of reusable unique shaped lashes of varying thickness, lengths and styles from subtle to high impact.

Handmade using 100% natural hair, BYS lashes instantly add volume to your natural lashes and are easy to apply due to their featherlight weight. BYS also provides their own hypoallergenic and latex free adhesive which applies coloured, but dries clear for a flawless finish.

Grab a pair of BYS lashes from $7.95!

Steal the show with some naturally gorgeous and dramatic falsies!

Start shopping for lashes now!

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